Sonos Ray | Samsung One Remote won’t change volume unless I’m standing next to it

  • 14 June 2022
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I recently purchased the Sonos Ray Soundbar for my family’s Samsung TV. Frustratingly the soundbar won’t recognise the Samsung One remote to change the volume unless I’m standing right next to it (If I’m not within 30cm of the soundbar it won’t change the volume). I’ve followed the sonos guide on setting up the Samsung One remote, I’ve tried setting up the soundbar under a different brand as some other threads mentioned and I’ve changed the batteries on the remote and nothing has fixed this. Is there any solution to this frustrating problem?


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6 replies

I experience exactly the same problem with a Samsung One remote in Spain. Now back home in stockholm I received a new Ray today. Tried a new setup with a Samsung tv, this time the remote wouldn't work at all. Clearly Sonos ray got a problem with Samsung TVs 

It says if you have tried the steps here in this Sonos support document and the ‘One Remote’ does not work, then to contact Samsung Support via the link provided. See here:

I’d agree, since the Ray is optical only, it won’t work with HDMI-CEC data transmission (optical is a one way connection) so the remote does need to be restricted per the support article to an IR only setup. 

Actually I had the same problem with Alexa remote connected to the Samsung TV in spain🤔

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Om my Samsung the ir is sent not from the remote but from the Samsung Connect box. That’s how it controls my cable box that’s in the same cabinet. I’ve noticed on the Samsung of a friend of mine that his Samsung (without a Connect box) cannot comtrol his cable box, when the door to his cabinet is closed. In his case the ir I deduce the ir comes from the TV itself. It looks like when there’s no direct line of sight between TV and cable box, or in your case the Sonos Ray, changing the volume will not work.

When you’re close to the TV the ir could echo off your body. This could explain why it does work when you’re standing close to the TV. Maybe a well placed mirror would work better.

Please be advised this is all conjecture on my part, based on my personal experience. I would welcome comments from other users.

I was thinking about light pollution interfering with the IR, such as has been seen on some plasma sets, but agree, some testing would be necessary.