Sonos randomly turns on and emits noise. Sound like an explosion from a movie.

  • 22 January 2017
  • 3 replies

For no aparrent reason, when sonos is not being used. Every couple of days sonos turns itself on an emit a loud explosion type noise that continues until I unplug the speakers. It's not white or pink noise, more like a distortion or rumbing. I have 2 sonos 1 speakers and a connect. My Tv is plugged into the connect line in but the tv is off. Any ideas?

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3 replies

my tv passes through an optical to RCA conversion box....maybe the box is the problem? The sound more specifically sounds like if you dumped a ton of plastic balls into a trashcan.
This might help identify the cause.
1. Find the IP address of your Connect (you can do this in About My Sonos System in the controller app).
2. In a web browser on your network, type the following address:
http://###.###.#.##:1400/status/perf, replacing the #s with the IP address

This should produce a log which might tell us what triggered the sound. It would be best to do this when problem has just occurred, but there might still be something there of use. If you can't make any sense of the log then you could post a screenshot.

It would be good in any case to run a diagnostic when it happens next and post the confirmation number back here.
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John's suggestion is a great start. From what you're describing, my guess is that the device the CONNECT to is turning on automatically and maybe checking for updates. The PLAY:1s are set to autoplay the source from the CONNECT I'd assume. With that device on but not playing any content, they're just playing some random static from the source. Again, that's a guess, so take it with a grain of salt.