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  • 28 October 2016
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Hi, I've set up numerous Sonos systems for various people without issue, large and small........but now I have an issue with one zone (with 2x play3) pulling down the entire Sonos and Network when connected.
Set up is as follows.
1, Sky Router.
2, Apple airport express's in every Sonos zone. There is one hard wired airport express that wirelessly extends to the 3 other airport expresses situated with each zones Sonos play3. Purely as wireless repeaters for internet etc this works flawlessly.
3, Sonos zones are Gym, Conservatory and kitchen.
4, The Gym and Conservatory Sonos have a network cable plugged into their local airport express and work perfectly.
5, The moment I add in the kitchen zone Sonos it all goes wrong and pulls down the entire network including internet.
6, I have initially installed with the same method as above but it goes down.
7, So luckily in this room I had a spare network cable so hard wired that Sonos back to the router, but again it is pulling down the whole network.
8, This room actually has 2 Sonos Play3's attached to each other through the settings, but even if I reset them and only use one it behaves exactly the same.
9, Even if maybe the apple airport express was causing the problem I have swapped them round from other zones, reset them, done fixed IP and DHCP. The apple units have the same SSID and password as the router too.

So why is this one zone giving me so many problems, I've set it up the same as other zones, set it up differently, swapped equipment round both Sonos and Apple.

Many thanks Bill

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7 replies

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Your getting some kind of spanning tree issue. You may be best call Sonos on phone as its going to require more than some messages back and forth to help troubleshoot.
I concur. Definitely STP settings (or lack thereof) are causing a network storm.
Sorry but this sounds like a mess. The Gym and Conservatory Sonos units are wired to Airport Expresses which are configured as wireless extenders? For that reason alone the Sonos will think it's wired, despite being wirelessly bridged.

The additional kitchen PLAY:3s could well be triggering an STP problem, but frankly if the other units are cabled to wireless AEs Sonos Support will probably run a mile.

I'd suggest wiring just ONE Sonos unit, to the router. Let SonosNet extend the network to the other players.
I see your point about it potentially being a mess but, take this into account.

1, The wifi repeaters are set up in a star fashion, with the wired one beaming out directly to the three zones, NOT one extending to the next etc and stand alone is bullet proof working perfectly.
2, I can't do that same principal for the Sonos as that "star" centre isn't a Sonos location, and know they won't reach each other.
3, The Airport express's have an ethernet output to give a wired connection to potentially non wireless devices.
4, So if the 2 working Sonos zones weren't wired to their local AExpress would this deem it less of a mess?
5, The kitchen (problem zone) has been configured wirelessly, wired to an airport express and lastly directly back to the router......all giving the same outcome.
6, Are you also saying you can't have wired and wireless sonos units on the same system without it getting upset.
7, Do you think then that if I unplug the two working zones from their Airport expresses it will be happier?
So maybe I could fit a Sonos Boost in that centre of the star location to communicate to all 3 zones?
Of course you can have wired and wireless Sonos units in the same system, but two (at least) of your Sonos components are not wired in a supported fashion. The wireless bridging arrangement you have through the AEs introduces unknown factors. Sonos units wired to them are deluded into thinking they're wired to the network backbone. Latency over the "wired" (i.e. wireless) connection between the AEs could fluctuate unpredictably, potentially affecting convergence of the spanning tree which STP is trying to manage. In addition STP packets could potentially get lost.

If a wired AE can reach a wireless AE, then a Sonos unit wired to the router should be able to reach a wireless Sonos unit in the vicinity of the remote AE. So long as there's a Sonos component wired to the router, I would try unwiring the two players from their respective AEs. At the very least it would return you to a supported configuration where Sonos Support could advise if things don't work right. As an experiment wire one of the kitchen PLAY:3s. If that works okay but it's inconvenient to wire a speaker to the central location then get a BOOST.
Ok thank you that makes complete sense.

1, My first test should be have one zone connected directly to the Network/router (this will be the kitchen). Then have the others operating wirelessly.

2, If it still isn't happy fit a Boost along side the central airport express which should easily reach all 3 zones.

Cheers bud