SONOS Problem

  • 14 August 2017
  • 1 reply

Hi, any help much appreciated.

I have 5 SONOS 1s around the house (2 as a pair) and a connect powering two other speakers. It all comes from a new BT router wireless. The missis uses it without any problems on her iPhone 6S. My IPhone SE almost always says it cant find a SONOS system. I've turned off wifi assist, the distances aren't great, even in same room it wont work. If I restart the router it generally works for a bit (this takes a good 5 mins to start up and connect again). I've deleted the app and re-installed. Any other ideas? The phone works fine for everything else. Could it be the phone?

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1 reply

Close all the apps and power off the iPhone, then try again to see if it helps. iOS lately is somewhat flakey, only this morning my daughters iPhone SE lost the wifi connection trying to add it back said the password is incorrect (but not) and only a power cycle would get it to work.