sonos playlist export or back up

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I have had my 4 zone players and 3 controllers since Sonos got started. I love them.

Two years ago, one of my ZPs broke and I had to get a replacement from Sonos. Before I realized it, all my playlists were gone. It was rather depressing and lost not just a lot of work, but creative and sentimental value.

Since all my playlists are sonos playlists, I just know they will eventually disappear again over failed hardware or accident.

In a thread in 2009, Buzz wrote: "SONOS playlists are held inside the ZonePlayers and are not available for export or to 3rd party tools."

I can't fathom why they can't be backed up or exported. Can someone please explain why this simple precautionary functionality isn't available? Of course it could also be useful for other reasons as well. Will we ever see this function?

BTW, I just read thru the sticky on top 5 functions and this isn't even on it. Has anyone else lost sonos playlists?

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Hi. Did you get this python code to work to pull song list information from a Sonos player? Thanks.

It requires the SoCo Python module as noted in the README, but that's a simple `pip install` away.
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If you can't sell your Sonos gear locally there is an active market for it on ebay so you shouldn't have a hard time getting rid of it.

What brand are you going to replace it with?
so 8 years later and sonos continues to ignore its users. Guess its time to get rid of the system and start over with a more user focused brand.
I did simple, quick searches for the Python package I'm successfully using to import/export/control my Sonos setup, but didn't see mention of it in the forum. Anyways, here's the GitHub project (not mine):

It requires the SoCo Python module as noted in the README, but that's a simple `pip install` away.

Example commands:
[spl] python --listPlaylist master
Low's Dinner Party
Elizabeth Kids Song
Jazz for Dinner Party
Wee Sing Silly Songs
[spl] python --listSpeakerInfo master
Dining Room
IP :
group coordinator : Dining Room
state : PLAYING
mode : SRf
volume : 9
artist : Timber Timbre
title : Run from Me
Family Room
IP :
group coordinator : Dining Room
volume : 10
[spl] python --exportPlaylist 'Jazz for Dinner Party' master
Jazz for Dinner Party: 17 songs
[spl] python --volume 30

Exported playlists are in XSPF (XML Shareable Playlist Format), which is fine by me. You can convert as you need/see fit.

Hope this helps someone.
. I still don't think it has anything to do with Sonos.

You don't think exporting Sonos playlists is a Sonos issue? Or are you referring to the user who references Napster?
In fact I have just had a Google and to my surprise found this. I still don't think it has anything to do with Sonos

I have no idea how well it works.
Is it ever possible to transfer playlists from one streaming service to another? What has that got to do with Sonos?

There are apps that will transfer playlists between services and or add your own m3u or whatever lists to a service.
Is it ever possible to transfer playlists from one streaming service to another? What has that got to do with Sonos?
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88,013 views and still no solution!!! I've owned Sonos kit for about 7 years, during which time Sonos have added lots of pointless (and sometimes frustrating) bells and whistles to their software... but still no playlist export/import capability. Why not???

As well as wanting to backup playlists - which is a perfectly reasonable and legitimate requirement - I'd like to move my playlists from Napster (which is appalling) to Spotify (which seems better). Unfortunately I can't do this without painstakingly trawling through playlists containing more than 10,000 tracks manually re-creating them.

Sonos: Please, please, please, please, please sort this out!!! Please!
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Having had several major tantrums with my Sonos system, I came to the conclusion that Sonos is very similar to Apple

Irresistible force and immovable object

They each have a fanboy base which sees nothing but good, and a (smaller, very much smaller) number of people who find them irritating. I am one of the latter group

I know someone who doesn't use iTunes and has a wholly wired system, for whom it is a dream

I'd just come to the conclusion that I needed to go with the flow, ditch iTunes and all the problems that it causes with Sonos

And then I read this thread!

Nice to see that even when Sonos has no excuses (it's their playlists after all) they still can't get it right

And such a simple matter to sort out too
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This thread has been active for six years now, with 228 contributions on 10 pages of forum and with nearly 84,000 views. Clearly a lot of Sonos users interested in backing up, editing and/or exporting their playlists. Still nothing from Sonos. No "yes", no "no". Silence, that's all we get. A blatant disrespect for the needs of their patrons, that's what it is.
I have ten controllers. I can't believe there hasn't been any action on this for the last five years. This would be an obvious and significant improvement. Ands +1 for playlist exchange with Apple Music / iTunes.
Wow! 5 years and no progress here!
Come on! Ability to export playlists is important.

I have 7 Sonos speakers all over the house. And i would like to share some playlists with friends or use in the car. I mean just names of songs.
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they havent managed a way of exporting playlists ?
No, it's sad to say, they haven't.
Hmm, Im guessing they havent managed a way of exporting playlists ?

Shame as I want to move one to my itunes to play on the go
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Krika can export the Sonos Playlists
Something Sonos should have done...
Krika can export the Sonos Playlists and do much mode! Amazing device.
That tool claims to be able to export to text or tabbed text. It would be interesting to know (a) whether online tracks yield any metadata or simply an arcane URI, and (b) how they envisage the user re-importing.
Krika can export the Sonos Playlists and do much mode! Amazing device.
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This is such basic functionality that it's hard to understand how it got overlooked in the first place.
I have 2 Sonos systems and I'd like to move playlists between them.

I recommend Sonos to lots of people. Some have even purchased the system. Not having basic functions like this just makes me look bad for the recommendation.
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I prefer not discussing hard resets, class action suits and those sort of things. But I still think that not being able to backup and restore digitally stored data is simply not acceptable in this day and age.
In my years of posting help on this site, I've found those who scream "class action suit" know about as much about the law as those who say "It's a no brainer" or "It's an easy fix" know about software engineering.
I had to do a hard reset
Why? I've had Sonos products for over 8 years and have never reset my entire household. You only need to factory reset units which are moving between households (systems), and on the very very rare occasion if a single unit was malfunctioning.
I agree - we spend all this money on Sonos gear and we can't even back--up or export a Sonos playlist. How can this be in this day and age! I had to do a hard reset and lost two years of building my playlist. It was sickening. I hate this company. Back up is such and essential feature in the digital world today I wonder if a class action suit might be in order ? Why? Because they do NOT tell their customers that they cannot save their valuable data.
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You're probably right: it's not an easy task. But that doesn't mean that Sonos should do nothing about it. Not being able to backup and restore digitally stored data is simply not acceptable in this day and age.
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Sonos should have made this possible a long time ago already.

Yes, they maybe should have. There are however also other dangers with playlists, Sonos style.

What if you change your NAS / share names / server infrastructure because you want to rearrange your stuff / need a bigger HD? In this case Sonos playlists would also presumably not be able to keep up the links to the music files and "all would be lost". How should Sonos cope with that? What about a switch from one music service to another? If you cancel your Spotify / Apple Music / Tidal / whatever subscription, all playlists containing Spotify / Apple Music / Tidal / whatever music have a big problem. How should Sonos cope with that?

There are conversion services from one streaming music provider to another, so playlists there can (mostly) be "taken with you" and are kept in sync over all your devices, not just Sonos (you can't play Sonos playlists on your phone!!). That is much more practical and kind of like what Groupware like Exchange is for mail.

If you are "old school" and have local music, you can create m3u playlists with a huge number of programs, which can be played by a huge number of programs.