sonos playlist export or back up

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I'm getting WESTERN DIGITAL - My Book Live Network Hard Drive - 1TB

I assume that will be pretty much the same?
I'm getting WESTERN DIGITAL - My Book Live Network Hard Drive - 1TB

I assume that will be pretty much the same?

Same unit as mine. It should be fine.
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I just wanted to add my consent for a feature to export playlists. Tx.
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+1 for exporting playlists
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+ 1 from me to export playlists to backup or share
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That way I can get a printout of whats in there.
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+1 from me

It's is really annoying that the somewhat big investment in a Sonos system is so limited in terms of getting value and protection of invested time.

I often have to transport music from one location to another and would like to move playlists or even an entire Sonos setup to the new location to be up and running in mere minutes.

I not demanding a totally open system - like the crappy and buggy squeezebox stuff (I've had it - don't go there...).

But it's simply beyond me why you don't just implement such functionality - it low cost value adders which should be your primary concern.

Locking users to your platform (putting playlists behind bars in hardware is easily one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of) is in line with Apple thinking.
I know that I for one like Apple less and less - I would really hate to see such protective and aggresive development of this superior system.

More criticism:

Since you launched the iPad app it's been more or less static in terms of new features - primarily small improvements and bug fixes. Nothing major.

I think you should look to iPeng for ideas to building a better user experience.
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Did a quick search and did not find a thread, sorry if one already exists.

When I save a Sonos playlist (which includes music from my own library and Music Services like Spotify) that I added songs to, it always says 'Sonos playlist 1'. I would like it to default to the same playlist name that I saved earlier.

For example. Friends come over and create a playlist. Throughout the night I save the playlist. It would be nice to keep saving to the same playlist name instead of having to search through the list or remember the exact spelling from before.

I sometimes end up with 3 or 4 playlists with one or two letters different in the name that I have to combine together.
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+1 from me
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+1 for exporting playlists
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I vote in favor!

I agree that Sonos is not primary intended as a playlist manager. But it is very convenient to build playlists while just listening (see feature request "Add to playlist without involving the queue"). In that context it would certainly be logical to also export playlists.
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just posting today, not having visited for long time, to reflect that I don't spend much time creating Sonos playlists anymore. Reason is that if the system needs a hard reset (which has happened to me once on Sonos), you lose all of that work. Playlists are the result of much thought, and not easily re-created.

I have been using Spotify (primarily on PC, not through Sonos) and realized that I am so comfortable creating playlists there because I know they are forever. They are backed up on the cloud. Change computers, no problem. I will never spend much time again on playlists that are not capable of being backed up, which diminishes Sonos' value to me.
+1 for sonos playlist export
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+1 for playlist export.
(is it possible to do something like ssh into the zonebridge in order to have a nose around on the local file system?)
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So if we combine this thread with the other playlist threads, we are well over 20 pages and not an official squeak from sonos!?!?!

Really wondering if the ideas forum is designed more to frustrate customers than help out sonos?
Threads in Sound Ideas that have come to fruition:

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I know that it is frustrating when one's favorite suggestion is not immediately incorporated, but (as you see above) SONOS does listen. By design, all of these forums are "user" forums with minimal SONOS staff dialog.

In addition to "Sound Ideas", SONOS uses traditional marketing research tools as they decide how to best use their finite development resources. While a few dozen or few hundred forum comments seem like a huge wave, it may not be a big issue with the general user population.

A while back, there was a large thread demanding an alarm function. Personally, alarm is not important to me, but it has become a very popular feature.

And there are little, seemingly insignificant (to me) feature requests that SONOS will quickly add, such as the ability to turn OFF the white status light. While there were only a few forum requests for the feature, this is a very welcome addition by those who need total darkness while they sleep.

I suspect that SONOS will improve the playlist editing features at some point, but this has not percolated to the top of the "to do" list.
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+1 for exporting playlists out of Sonos

Or at least - if you dont' want to export us the playlists to your competitors devices 😉 - let us upload them to the Sonos server for backup and restore...
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+1 for exporting playlists!
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+1 from me for exporting library details
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Same thing happened to me. Please provide a playlist export facility.
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I was asked by Sonos CS to perform a factory reset of one of my zones which resulted in the loss of all playlists.

I agree that a backup procedure would be helpful.

Unless there is really something strange going on, factory reset of one zone in a multi-zone system will not trash the SONOS playlists -- if one restarts the system in the proper order.
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I am in support of export and/or backup.
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Reason being i wanted to check if i had added a song again to an old and "sort" of big playlist. But wait - no searching in the playlist - nope. Then i will just sort it and see if there a any doubles - but wait - no sort option. I could not believe my eyes.

I think i will use my (lol) much needed Sonos alarm feature to wake me up from my dream, that Sonos is actually user friendly.

Sorry Sonos but i will start looking for an alternative cause these playlist issues is driving me crazy.

I guess i could use the Spotify's, wimp's, Rdio's playlist editors, but since i use (as none of these services have all the music i listen to) all three i would have to make 3 playlists + iTunes. No way!

Sad to think that i bought this in the first place so I did not have to use my PC to control music streaming. But now i could be forced to go back.
Just glad i found out the limitation before installing in the rest of the rooms in my house.
I'm thinking AirPlay.

In the time it took to write this my this my Sonos stopped playing twice. Must be WIMP having issues.