Sonos playing in the middle of the night...

Help - does anyone else have their Sonos blasting in the middle of the night? Random timing, sometimes 1am sometimes 4ish. I've checked and there are no alarms set. Have had the system for about 5 years and this has only just started in the past two weeks.

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Submit a diagnostic and post the number. The player logs will show where the play command came from.
Thanks, ratty. I'll do that now
It would probably assist Sonos Support if you could indicate which player(s) sprang to life and at roughly what time.
As well as the diagnostic number. They probably receive thousands a day. If you don't post your particular number here in the boards, they might have more difficulty finding it.
Thanks Airgetlam.

Sonos Diagnostic confirmation number is: 7410272

Speakers that seem to turn on is all of them (5 speakers some Play 1's and some Play 5's) and timing is random - but at night!

If anyone from Sonos is monitoring this, could you take a look at the diagnostics for me and render some advice?

Many thanks.

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Hi Annaleisa,

Thanks for submitting that diagnostic. After review, it seems that there is an iPhone 6 that is starting the playback of the system. If you have an iPhone in the house with Lock Screen Control enabled, please turn that off. In addition, please force quit the Sonos app before going to bed. Let us know if this helps.
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Any chance you have some joker tormenting you by logging in to your WiFi and starting your Sonos?

A quick WiFi password change would stop that.
Omar, that is very weird... no one in our house has an iPhone 6. We live in a quiet neighbourhood so it's very doubtful that any of our elderly neighbours or local families would be interfering with our system. Can you double check it is an iPhone 6? Many thanks for your help. Annaleisa.
Stanley, as we live in such a suburban setting, i just can't see any of my neighbours playing the fool with our WiFi. However, if as Omar says, the system is being activated by an iPhone 6 and we don't possess one i the house at all, maybe I need to look into it...
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If you do not think you have this device in your household, I would recommend looking in your router's Connected Devices list (also known as a client list) to find what device has the IP Address of as this is the IP Address of the device that started playback on your system.
A couple of points.
Do you have Spotify and have you recently allowed anyone to use Spotify Connect on your system?
You should change your WiFi password.
We have the same problem, but it is around 1AM every night for the last 3 nights. We have several devices so I'll go around and check to make sure I have force quit them all. My knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to this system.
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We have the same problem, but it is around 1AM every night for the last 3 nights. We have several devices so I'll go around and check to make sure I have force quit them all. My knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to this system.

Check the following:-

1) Alarms - Make sure there isn't an alarm set for this time
2) Make sure somebody else - Neighbour, "Friend" isn't messing about

If it happens again submit a diagnostic and post the number here - detail the Room that played and what was playing
Thanks, i did check alarms.... I took it right off my fire kindle, that was the last device i indtalled it on. Crossing my fingers it doesn't happen tonight.

Note that the information about alarms is stored at the speaker level, not on the app on your devices. Removing the app from a device won't change any alarms that may have been set up. But, as you say, you did check the alarms, I'd be seriously thinking about item 2 in Stuart_W's post.
We were sound free last night. I live in a very small community... But if it happens again ill change wifi password. Thanks for the help.
Glad to hear it, but small community doesn't mean that there's not a joker in the bunch. Imagine if I lived there! 🙂
where do i find the replies to the questions on this forum?
Mine starts playing at 7:13 pm every(?) evening. I checked for alarms and nothing. Diagnostic confirmation number: 1596135028
This happens to me a few times a night and it’s getting very annoying! Just started playing the sound of a ongoing tv show for a couple of seconds - without the tv being on! This just happened 3 times the past hour. The third time I was even in the Sonos app submitting a diagnostics report while it happened. Here’s the number: 1008371505
Btw, it just happened again... Here’s another diagnostics number for the last time: 1480680625
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Why don't you contact Sonos support and see what they can see in that diagnostic? Their twitter is open 24x7 and should be able to help.
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Hi ebbaBer, those diagnostics are showing that the Playbar is starting due to Autoplay kicking on. Which means that either your TV or whatever is connected to it is sending audio out of the line-out. If the TV isn't turning on, it's likely the cable box. This could be it turning on to check for updates.