Sonos players keep rebooting

  • 8 November 2016
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Hello. After several trouble free years of operating several Sonos players in my home, I am suddenly having problems. I have a Sonos Connect Amp upstairs, in a loft space in my apartment where my internet connection is also located. The Sonos Connect is connected, via ethernet, to an Apple Airport Express wireless router, to which a Western Digital NAS, which contains my iTunes library, is also connected by ethernet. Downstairs, I have a Sonos Play 5 in my living room, a Play 1 in my kitchen and another Play 1 in my bedroom. These Sonos units communicate with each other, and with the Sonos Connect, via a BOOST setup. I have operated this configuration for over two years with no problem, and everything was operating smoothly as recently as two years ago.

Yesterday I woke to find that my wireless Sonos players were disconnecting and rebooting after only 5-10 minutes of playing music (both from my music library and streaming over internet). I shut down and reset my entire network (including the router and cable modem). This included unpluggin all the sonos units and reconnecting them one by one to the network. For the wirelessly connected players, I finally performed a full system restart (i.e., erasing all settings) and reinstalling each one to the network. This seemed to work. But this morning, I woke to the same problem. I have tried to see if the problem can be traced to just one Sonos unit, but it persists even when only one wireless unit is connected (the ethernet connected Sonos Connect remains on and operates perfectly at all times). I have also tried setting different channels for the BOOST network, but the problem persists.

Any ideas how this issue might be resolved. I was wondering if there might be a bug in the most recent system upgrade. But the most recent system updates have been installed on my system and operating trouble free for at least a couple of weeks.

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13 replies

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Sounds like could be IP address Conflict.

I recommend turning off as many network devices as possible including all Sonos units. Reboot your router. Boot up the Boost then all the rest of your Sonos units.

I also recommend going into router and assigning their IP addresses as static addresses.

A soft restart leaves tracks in the internal player logs. I recommend you submit a system diagnostic and post the number here. Sonos Support can work with you to establish what's going on.

If for some reason the device is losing its wireless connection and/or re-requesting an IP it will be obvious.

Make sure you submit the diagnostic within 15 minutes of an 'event', so as to capture any evidence of wireless interference. That particular log covers only the last 20 minutes.
Well, I have been working long hours and traveling a lot recently. So I have not had any time to trouble shoot this issue any further. For a while, the problem seemed to solve itself. The crashes would still occur - but less frequently; usually only once a day and that would be late at night or during the day while I was at work. That was at least manageable. Over the past week, however, the crashes have occurred more frequently. On Friday, the system would crash ever ten minutes.

Today was my first day off and I took drastic action: I shut down my cable modem and the airport wireless server, performed a hard reset of all my Sonos players, and reconfigured the system from scratch (always using a "Boost" wireless network configuration). However, the crashes still occur -- although they happen now only every few hours. I am also noticing that, when I have all the players "grouped" together, one will occasionally drop out (the first generation Play 5 in my living room), while the others continue to play normally. Eventually (after 1-2 minutes) the dropped player resumes as if nothing happened.

Ratty, I have run a system diagnostic per your suggestion. The confirmation number is: 6820966. I will run more if the system crashes again.

In the meantime, the only other solution I can think of is to switch from the Boost to a normal network configuration. The wifi signal is excellent throughout my apartment, so this configuration should work. But I am a little surprised -- I had always thought that the Boost network configuration was more robust and should be used unless it was not possible/practical to ethernet connect a player or bridge to the network.
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Did you give each Sonos unit a new static IP address in router. Away from normally assigned like at top of allowable range.
No. Not sure how to go about doing this, but will investigate. I have been monitoring the IP addresses assigned to each player. They do not seem to be changing, either after the players are dropped and/or crash.
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Problem is some other wifi device on network may be trying to get one of those same addresses. Go into your router and assign the MAC address for each Sonos unit a new IP address. Pick ones outide normal range and then reboot all.
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Have you tried setting the SonosNet channel to something else

SEttings>advanced settings> sonosnet channel
Yes I have BoredofBalham. It has seemed to help for a time, but eventually the problem always returns. But I agree . . . the only possibility is that there is some new radio interference causing my sonos players to loose their connection with each other. I have had this configuration for several years, with no problems (which make me think that the problem is NOT one of competing IP addresses -- my network and the devices connecting to it haven't changed recently). But if a neighbour has installed a new wifi network or some other device that connects at a competing frequency ...

At any rate ... I have changed from a "boost" network configuration to a standard configuration, where all of the sonos devices use my wifi network to communicate with each other. It seems to be working, but it has only been a few hours.

Unfortunately, Chris, my cable modem is the DHCP server for my network and it will not allow me to "pick-and-choose" the devices for which I select a manual address. I could turn off DHCP and assign a manual address for everything on my network. But that will just create more problems than it solves.
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Or ally the cable modem allows you to reserve.
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If so is would pickup on your diagnostic number it would prob provide good info.
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Hi samw10019, I've had a look at your diagnostic which you sent in before going to the 'standard' setup. The problem mostly looks like wireless interference. There was quite a lot of noise on the first wired device, the CONNECT, which will affect it's ability to communicate well. On your two PLAY:1 speakers the noise was considerably worse. Your CONNECT was really struggling to speak to the PLAY:1s and the adapter was getting jammed. If there's any devices nearby to the PLAY:1s like a wireless access point, or really anything else which might broadcast some heavy RF traffic such as a 3G signal booster, cordless phone or similar; try to move these away from your Sonos players.

It might be that going over to the completely wireless mode has bypassed this issue, if you're using a cleaner channel for this. Can you post another diagnostic showing the new setup for us to check out?
Thank you for the information, Tom B. This is good to know. I had suspected that there must be some new wireless interference, although the source of it is a mystery. There are no devices near either PLAY:1, except for an alarm clock next to the one in the bedroom. I live in an apartment, however, and have a neighbour living underneath me. Since the problem was relatively new, and I had not changed the setup recently, I am guessing that he installed something new almost directly underneath one or both of my PLAY:1 speakers and it was the source of interference. But that is only a guess -- I haven't spoken to my neighbour recently, so I really don't know.

At any rate, the problem seems moot. I have shifted everything over to the standard wireless setup last weekend, and the entire system has been working well. I also updated to the new version 7.0 when it was released last week. I don't think that switching to v7.0 made a difference, however; that was several days after I had moved to the full wireless setup and the problem seemed to already be fixed. Still, since you asked, here is the confirmation for a new diagnostic (where everything seems to be functioning normally): 6854064. I will be curious to know if you see anything different. Thanks!
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I have similar problems ( playlists from Spotify stop playing in the middle of a track), and it just happened today as I upgraded to 7 !! No other changes made in the network ; start songs, being asked to upgrade (Mac) , upgrade done , and issues come !!