SONOS player (or Google Home) absolutely interferes with Play/Pause control

  • 29 December 2016
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I've been an avid SONOS user for a few years. I have dual Play 5's (one in 2 rooms), 6 Play 1's, TV Bar and Sub. All are on the same WiFi network using a Netgear Nighthawk and Netgear extender. I have 1 2.4 channel and 2 each 5G channels off the Netgear. I just purchased my first Google Home device as I felt this will become a stronger leader than the Amazon Echo (I could be wrong, time will tell). This morning my grand daughter was doing the "Okay Google play " while I was in my home office listening to my SONOS streaming to my Play 5 in my home office. When the Google home started to play, it paused my SONOS song. To test this, I stopped all the music.
I said "OK Google, play music". To which is started to play music off Spotify.
Then I clicked the Play button on my SONOS to a queued up song off my MacAir SONOS App.
SONOS started playing my song and the Google Home music instantly stopped when I clicked Play.
I tried to change the SONOS WIFI channel between 1, 6 and success in the music behavior.
When I clicked SONOS music paused...nothing changes on the sound.

The only hardwired devices is my SONOS bridge has a dedicated Ethernet to the Netgear port (100Mb/s). Everything else is wireless.

As the war for the smart home continues, it's going to be more and more critical that interoperability between devices and the manageability of the wireless spectrum within the home, the protocols and control signaling to stop, play, FF, RW, turn on / off, dim etc... across its many diverse vendor products, be solid. Today its clearly not. What if this were some wireless security system going off? Or not when it should because I was streaming something?

Does anyone else have thoughts here? Are there standards out there? Much appreciation for comments!

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1 reply

What was Sonos trying to play? Spotify? If so it sounds as though the Google Home and Sonos couldn't play from the same account at the same time, owing to Spotify's restrictions.