Sonos playbase with Sony Bravia 850c tv/youtube app with no base/sub not working.


When I use Netflix sounds cool and with base but when I change to tv or to Talkshows in youtube the base is inexistent. I go to the sonos app, move the base slider and there is absolute no change.. seems it is not active at all.

With my old yamaha soudbase srt1000 this does not happen. With Sonos sound like people talk with helium voices (exaggerated...)

Is this a software issue?
Will this be repaired from Sonos?
Has someone experienced this?

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Hello Tururu,

Mind submitting a diagnostic and posting your confirmation number here with some more details on what you're seeing? Is your PLAYBASE wired directly to your Sony TV with the provided optical cable? Do you access Netflix and Youtube from the apps that are integrated into the Sony TV? What is the make and model of the set top box you are using (if any) when watching TV? Since Netflix is working properly, we need this information will help us isolate the issue that is affecting the playback of YouTube and TV.
Thanks for the reply.
After true play and more tests seems was just the videos I was using for testing and my subjective opinion.. it sound as fine with YouTube as with Netflix. Have to say Sonos is much better then the yamaha, doesn't exaggerate the sound processing as the yamaha was doing. Love my Sonos.


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