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  • 10 December 2019
  • 1 reply

My sonos playbase keeps turning the volume down automatically and muting? Diagnostics code is 1773095703 please help! I also have two play 1s set up for surround sound.

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1 reply

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Hi donhope76

Although you’ve already submitted a diagnostic questions come to mind such as:

  1. No one in your home is playing tricks (on you) with another Sonos contoller
  2. No one outside your home has access to your network
  3. Does it occur when only watching TV or streaming music or both 
  4. Did you try deleting the Sonos App and reinstalling it
  5. Is the software on your device (iOS/Android) up to date
  6. Did you try unplugging the Playbase for 30 seconds
  7. Did you try rebooting your router
  8. Did you try wiring your Playbase to your router (or another Sonos component to setup the SonosMesh)
  9. Does it only occur at certain times of the day
  10. Are there any smart routines setup with other non-Sonos devices or Apps that could be controlling your Playbase

The suggestions may be used singularly or in combination when trouble shooting. You might consider calling Sonos Tech support for help in real-time or contacting them via twitter or facebook.