Sonos playbar set up compatibility error

  • 3 August 2022
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Trying to set up a second hand playbar on my sonos system. I use the s1 app, and did a factory reset / connected via ethernet to try and resolve.

I can’t get past the error message:

“Something went wrong: We ran into a problem checking the compatibility of your Playbar. Please try again or cancel”.

I can’t find any reference to this error anywhere in the forums. Can anyone help? Has anyone experienced this?


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 3 August 2022, 16:09

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6 replies

Did the factory reset work OK, giving you a green flashing light?

Hello, yes it did. Then I followed set up process (pressing the two buttons) which produced the error.


Was the pre-owned Playbar originally running on an S2 Sonos system?  If that was the case, I now believe you might need to first add it to an S2 HH and use the new S2 in-App feature to downgrade the device to S1 before attempting to install it to an S1 Household.

If that does not apply in this case, then please ignore this post.

Apparently that is the case so I’ll try that. Thank you!

Apparently that is the case so I’ll try that. Thank you!

See this link, which should hopefully assist you with the process …

Sorted thank you!