Sonos Playbar + Optical Switch?

  • 15 December 2016
  • 2 replies

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Does anyone use an optical switch with their Sonos Playbar? I just purchased the following from Amazon and it works awesome (for the most part). I'm noticing quick and random audio cutouts and I'm wondering if its form the Playbar or Optical Switch.

Here's the one I ordered - does anyone else have this type of setup?

Tendak SPDIF Toslink Digital Optical Audio Switcher 3x1 Selector Box with Remote Control (Three Inputs one Output)

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2 replies

I use a different Optical Switch, but I do not experience any problems with dropout. I also bought mine on Amazon about 3 years ago. Tried to find it on Amazon, but no luck. I don't remember the brand. It does have a remote control to switch the inputs. I am not at the location where the unit is or I would tell you the brand. Good luck.
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Maybe you can look up your order history and type in Optical Switch?

When watching my Apple TV or Xbox One S it works perfectly. I have issues with my TiVO.

Are you running the optical cable straight from your devices to your switch? Or are you hooking those devices up to your TV and running the Optical Cable from the TV to the Switxh?