Sonos playbar 5.1 with existing 5.1 speakers

  • 18 December 2016
  • 1 reply

Hi there

I have just moved into a house with integrated bose 5.1 set up. I would like to iink this up with sonos.

Can I use the playbar with a connect:amp to power the front and rear speakers (and ditch the central Bose speaker)?

Or any other way? (ideally i would like to avoid attaching a sonos connect to a seperate AV receiver to reduce the number of remote controls required)

Thanks v much!

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1 reply

A CONNECT:AMP can drive passive rear/surround speakers only, in conjunction with a PLAYBAR. It can't drive separate front speakers; front L/R channels are rendered by the PLAYBAR itself,

Note that you also can't use a third party subwoofer with PLAYBAR. It can only be bonded with a Sonos SUB.