SONOS Play1, Intermittent Sound Break following Router Change

  • 8 November 2018
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I have recently made a few changes to my home network and have noticed some strange behaviour from my SONOS sound system. Each morning I listen to Talksport through TuneIn radio on a SONOS Play1. It is triggered by alarm and turned off by Alarm. This has been working fine for years, but now the sound will cut out every now and then, sometimes returning, other times needing me to push the play button again.

Basically, I made two changes to my network last weekend:

1/ I changed my Vodafone Connect Router/modem to a Netgear DM200 modem in bridge only mode on my home network and configured my Netgear ORBI router to be my main router (rather than just an access point). I have had my netgear orbi router running my house wifi in access point mode for a year or so now and there has never been an issue with the SONOS during that time.

2/ A day or so after making the change, I noticed that Netflix would not work on my Smart TV's or Sky Q boxes. It would show with a NW-2-5 error. Upon searching for why this may be, I found a post on a website that mentioned a similar problem and also referred to a SONOS issue. They suggested reducing the MTU to fix this from 1492 to 1464. I did this and Netgear immediately started working again!

I left it at this setting, but on the Monday when my alarm came on, I noticed the intermittent sound loss as described above. Over the last three or four days this has continued. I don't know which of the two key changes last weekend above may have caused the issue.

I am reasonably confident it is not a wifi clash as I have had the netgear orbi running my wifi for a long time now. Changing it to a router may have had caused the issue, but I cannot see why. Could the MTU change be the problem.

Any thoughts or advice?


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2 replies

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No clue to getting your current setup to work... Maybe another user will.

Have you considered switching your Sonos to Boost mode by wiring Ethernet to one device and clearing the WiFi credentials from the Sonos system? That will take all the other issues out of the picture aside from your router's Ethernet.

If you can't wire one of your existing devices adding a Play 1 or Boost (both work well) where it can be wired is a good solution.

I should have mentioned that.

My house set up is a Sonos bar and base unit and two play1 devices which are in two other rooms. Only the sound at is connected by Ethernet, the rest use Sonosnet to connect.

So there is no use of my WiFi to support the sonos system.