Sonos Play 5 Keeps Dropping Out - Songs play for about 30 seconds, then stop; how can I fix this?

Whenever I play a song, it plays for about 30 seconds, then stops. This happens when playing from Music Library and Pandora.

My Verizon Fios account indicates my "Wi-Fi range has been optimized", and also says "SonosZP" connection is "Strong".

Diagnostics Confirmation #: 150613377

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Hi, Walter. Welcome to the community. In spite of what is suggested within your router settings, your diagnostics sadly showed a lot of WiFi interference. This is often the cause of audio playback issues. If those links don't work, not to worry, we can certainly get to the bottom of this for you. Following any further occurrence of this issue or changes in your setup, please submit a further diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number. This way we can identify the cause. Many thanks in advance.

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