Sonos Play 5: Difficulty Finding Wifi Network

  • 30 April 2017
  • 1 reply

Yesterday we purchased the Sonos Play five. We were excited to listen to it, and installed it at my office which was our next stop. Everything went fine with the set up. After listening, we disconnected it, finished our errands, then went home. Now that it's at home, I'm trying to set it up permanently. It is having me (temporarily) connect to "SONOS" network, in order to continue through the setup. Afterwards, when I'm asked to enter my wireless network or choose from a list, no list appears. So I manually enter the network, letter for letter, and it just keeps taking me back to the last question. Any advice?

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1 reply

Hello warrfoster, welcome to the Community. Let's see if we can get the PLAY:5 reconnected. Can we start with having you temporarily hardwire the Sonos directly into the router with an ethernet cable? We include one in the product packaging. Once the PLAY:5 is connected to the router, shut off your phone or tablet for a moment. After it fully restarts, verify that you're still connected to the main wifi network in your home and then open up the Sonos app. If the app opens without any prompts to setup your Sonos system, then it's a matter of choosing Settings > Advanced Settings > Wireless Setup from within the Sonos app and changing the wifi credentials to match those in your home.

If the app displays a "Standard Setup" or "Boost Setup" option instead, choose "Standard Setup". Tap "Leave at Router" if prompted during the installation. We can always get it to work fully wirelessly once you've completed the registration.

If you're able to connect to your Sonos system while it is hardwired into the router, would you please follow these steps to submit a diagnostic from the app and reply back with your confirmation number?