Sonos Play:5 Bass dissapears at high volume

  • 14 February 2017
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Since I really like bass, I ordered the Sonos Play:5.
And the bass is amazing.
It is really deep, and with the equalizer you can make it louder, no issues at all.
But when I play a song at high volume, the treble really takes over the bass.
The louder the music goes, the more the treble takes over. This starts at around 3/4 of the maximum volume.
I can feel air getting pushed out of the speaker, but I hear almost no bass.
If I turn the volume below 3/4 the bass comes back. (Than the bass is really good!)
Is this an issue more people have? Or is it just me expecting to much from the bass at higher volume?

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6 replies

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I doubt you'll resolve your concern on the forum. You need to call Sonos support. It might be worth playing your track, turning the volume up to 100% for a few minutes and then submitting a diagnostic.


1) The siting of your speaker is causing issues - So it would be worth moving it to make some tests
2) Your unit is defective
3) It's just your subjective opinion Vs your own internal bias. IE You perceive there's an issue but others wouldn't
Or see if adding another 5 to play in stereo paired mode solves the problem; in general it will definitely give you better sound even up to the 75% level and you may not need to push things further on the volume front.
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Yes I got this, deppemdant upon the track and I suspect how it was mastered. Adding a sub soon sorted it though.
I rarely play any speaker at more than 75%, so this is a guess: this may be a common issue with many speakers given the power/capability to need to deliver clean bass energy at high volumes. If such levels are common, the Sub is probably a must.
Maybe I need a sub.
But when I play like Martin Garrix - Animals.
The bass really begins to lower significantly when the volume goes past 50-60%
At around 75% the lower sound is completely gone, only I hear is a really loud punch.
Like the subwoofer can blow each moment (EQ is set to standard).
I read that the speaker is designed so it should play at 100% with almost no problems.
But I don't dare to play a song with nice bass above 75%.
This cannot be good I guess.
But maybe I am still wrong?
I have found on Play:5 that its processing will automatically "trim" bass at loud volumes so that you hear little to zero audible distortion. It's the unfortunate nature of the beast with these guys...but also protects the speaker from blowing by overloading the drivers. Buy a sub or upgrade to a bigger system and feed it via a Sonos:Connect if you desire BEEFIER bass than the Play:5 can supply!