Sonos Play 1's will not connect as surrounds.

  • 24 March 2021
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I have two playbar’s and nine play 1’s throughout my home.  I’ve grown the system over the last few years.


Recently, I noticed my surrounds attached to both playbars were not working.  Checking the app, I noticed two ?’s next to the surround option.  So I removed, the surrounds, factory reset them, went thought the process of adding them back to the system and everything is fine until I try to add them as surrounds.  At that point, it just runs for a while and then says an error has occurred,  I’m then forced to start all over with factory resetting the play 1’s.


I’ve run this config both upstairs and down for a couple of years now, without issue, but now I’m unable to get them to work again.


I have updated the app to ensure I’m using the most recent code,


Any ideas?

8 replies

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Try rebooting your router and unplugging your Playbars from power for about a minute.

Yeah, turning it on and off again, did not fix it.

I can pair the two play1’s as a stereo pair all day long.  But the minute I try and pair them to the playbar, they go off into lala land and require a factory reset to bring them back to life.

Just to say the surrounds do need to be standalone and not stereo paired before ‘bonding’ them to the Playbar.

I’m guessing you realise the above already, so it may pay to reboot the router and then try again and then if that doesn’t work either, perhaps consider a factory reset of the Playbar rather than the Play:1’s and then go from there.

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Any chance you have the radio disabled in the PlayBars?

The Sonos setup misidentifies this as WiFi but it kills the SonosNet 2.4 (non-WiFi)and 5GHz surround connection as well.

What’s and easy way to check the radio status?

I should also add that I’m not using SoHo wireless.  I have a Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controller and four 3702I AP’s.  I’ve enabled all of the multicast pieces that I’m aware of and I have full functionality outside of being able to pair the satellite speakers to my playbar.  I actually have two playbar/satellite setups and neither will pair.  But they play music all day long and show up in the phone app, etc.

Once I have a failed pairing, I have to nuke the satellites back to factory default before I can try again.

And as mentioned, I can pair the satellite in a stereo pair, just not to a playbar.

Very odd.

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What’s and easy way to check the radio status?

@wdatkinson In the Playbar settings, make sure you have Wi-Fi Enabled.

How does the Sonos system connect to the network: WiFi (‘wireless’) or SonosNet (‘wired’)?

Has there been a recent change of router? 

WiFi is enabled on the playbar.  As I expected since, this has been working for a couple of years now and only recently became a problem, but was good to check.

All speakers are WiFi…..