Sonos Play:1 plays music by itself.

  • 26 March 2021
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No alarms are set.  It happens some days, not others.  It has happened at night.  It has happened in the afternoon.  It happens with a wired network.  It happens with a wireless network.  It happens if I’m awake.  It happens if I’m asleep.  It happens in the workshop.  It happens in the bedroom.  It happens when it happens.  

Same song, every time:  The 2016 remaster of Phil Collins’ I Don’t Care Anymore from Spotify.

Today, it played the song twice -- about an hour apart -- at a time when the Sonos app wasn’t even installed on my phone and the desktop app was not running.

I like this song just fine, but I’d like to decide for myself when it plays and when it does not play.

My network is both secure and shared with nobody.  I live alone except for my cat, but the cat does not have the Sonos or Spotify apps on his phone.

I submitted diagnostics:   205521904

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1 reply

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Try removing Spotify from your music services in the Sonos app and re-adding it. Also, in the Spotify app settings, under Devices, select your Play:1 and Forget Device. Then re-add it.