sonos play 1 disconnecting in a Bar

  • 21 October 2019
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Hi, i have about 14 play:1 in a Bar and they keep disconnecting one by one.

Diagnostics number is : 323422825


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8 replies

It’s probably due to customer bodies moving about the place and interrupting the WiFi signal. If the speakers are not running on the internal SonosNet wireless system, you may want to try that, by simply wiring one device to the router and resetting/removing the WiFi credentials from the Sonos App (“Settings/System/Network/Wireless Setup”) and also ensuring the SonosNet channel is set at least 5 channels away from the routers 2.4ghz channel.

Failing that, you may have to wire the speakers to your network.

@Ken_Griffiths hi, the speakers are already on SonosNet. And today very few people were in tje place and everything started skipping, how far can the speakers be from the master speaker?

This Sonos Support document link (below) explains the difference between SonosNet wired mode and standard WiFi mode… I would say as long as each device is within 20 feet of a 'neighbour’, when running on SonosNet, it should be fine.


Did you ensure the 5+ channel separation between the routers 2.4ghz channel and the Sonosnet channel and remove any stored WiFi credentials from the Sonos App Settings?

Sonos is designed mainly for home use, rather than commercial premises use and having numerous bodies ‘milling' about between the wireless signals, is never going to help the connection situation. 


I would also consider trying to play a different audio source, just  to ensure there are no ‘current’ local issues with the audio service you are using.


Hope that assists.


Now i refreshed the app and 6-7 speakers are missing from the controle

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Looks like you will need to hard-wire these for maximum reliability in this environment.

Now i refreshed the app and 6-7 speakers are missing from the controle

You haven’t yet mentioned if you have ensured the channel separation between SonosNet and your Routers WiFi, nor if you have removed the WiFi credentials (if necessary). Have you checked/done those things?

Does your wifi Network have any switches, or additional access points? 

Is the router broadcasting a guest network for customers?

You really need to check/investigate these things initially and if all is as it should be, then perhaps go onto consider wiring the devices to the network. 

@Ken_Griffiths Hihi, yes i removed me wifi credentials, i am using sonosNet channel 1 and called Vodafone and they closed channel 1 on the router so now when i scan the lowest wifi channel is 6.

the sonos is connected to private network with only the cash register on it 

every other user is on the guest network

So what channels are currently in use by your customer guest network? .. ensure your Sonos mobile controller is blocked from accessing the guest network too and set the guest WiFi to a non-overlapping channel.

Are there any access points besides the main router itself?

Some routers, or wifi access points, will auto-select their channels on startup, so you need to fix the channel on the router to either 6 or 11, with SonosNet on channel 1 ...and if there are any access points, then ensure they are all on the same channel as your main router, that’s if (and only if) they are using the same SSID.


If any access points have been set on a different SSID, then ensure they are not on the same channel as the router, or SonosNet. So some things may actually depend on how you have your network setup.

I would also cable the cash register to the network, if that’s practicable, or if running on WiFi, see if it’s possible to move it to the 5ghz band, if your router supports it.