Sonos Play:1 Continually cutting out while watching apps

  • 8 January 2019
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Hi All, here is what I have equipment wise and how everything is currently set up:

Movie Room: Playbar, sub, two play:3 (L,R side of room)
Bathroom: Play:1
Living Room: two play:1 (L,R side of room)
All connected to a boost

The main problem I am having is while steaming through my current TV provider (Directv Now) the sound constantly cuts on on all play:1 speakers. The other components function perfect and it’s mainly the living room Sonos. Specifically the furthest one from the boost/movie room.

Example: watching National championship college football game and want sound throughout home on all speakers. I have them all grouped and playing, but they play:1s are cutting out.

Here is what I have done: confirmed that it’s not app specific, I’ve tested this on Netflix, Apple movies, music, and the play:1 cut out on all apps. However if I select just a specific play:1 the play one works perfectly. So it only seems like it happens when grouped together.

Also done the following: checked internet speeds (80-100 mbps) also tried switching boost to a different channel. I am stumpted and frustrated. Hope to have a solution before super bowl.

Here is a current diagnostic number as of now with all speakers on and play:1 Cutting out.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Diagnostic number: 949343221

11 replies

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You could try the Sonos twitter support, they are open 24x7 and might help you faster than here.
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Hi there, tjgover. Thanks for sharing your diagnostic report. Typically when an audio signal is dropping out it points to a problem with wireless interference. Keep in mind, this interference may not affect your connection out to the internet, but rather the shorter point-to-point connections in your house. If the players are experiencing any interference, it will certainly be exasperated when all speakers are grouped to play TV audio. This leads to the cutouts you are hearing.

That being said, does this only happen with audio from the TV? What if you try grouping all and testing with streaming audio? Is it possible to plug either of the basement units into the network using an Ethernet cable? The more units that are wired, the less likely Sonos will have to rely on wireless transmission to talk from speaker to speaker.
I’m having the same problem, while watching live music on the tv, grouping the rest of my system to it the other speakers cut in and out. Very annoying.
I’m having the same problem, while watching live music on the tv, grouping the rest of my system to it the other speakers cut in and out. Very annoying.
Hi. It isn't actually the same problem at all, but no matter.

Playing TV sound across multiple geouped speakers has relatively high bandwith requirements. This can prove too much, especially if you run in wifi mode, not Boost mode. Which mode are you running in? I assume the other speakers are in other rooms?
Hi, I’m running it in Boost mode, well I’ve just added a boost to the system at the WiFi hub. The other speakers are in other rooms.
Let's just check that is working OK. In About My Sonos System, does every speaker have WM:0 next to it?
Yes they all do
Then there is nothing much wrong with your set up. I assume you start grouping from the Soundbar/base? Make sure your router and Sonos are on well separated (eg 1 and 6) and the Boost is at least a couple of feet from your router.

That apart, it would be best to submit a system diagnostic when the problem occurs, and post the number back here.
Hi, done that, here is the number 2120162842
Hi, any update?
I can't help as I don't work for Sonos. Hopefully a Sonos staff member will pick this up soon.