Sonos Play:1 - connecting a second speaker

  • 12 October 2016
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I was able to set up Sonos on an iPad and attach a speaker. Once that was done, I was unable to add a second speaker to the system. The network that it is attached to is an enterprise wifi on which we connect our BYOD devices. The second device is recognized during the initial setup. When you are prompted to hold the pause/volume to listen for the chime. Well, I get the chime but I never get the next prompt at the lower right hand of the screen.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than plugging the thing into a router?

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3 replies

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Are you sure your connecting it to the same wifi you connected the original. There may be issues talking between devices on your network wifi. You could try doing it with the original plugged into your network via Ethernet. Then the second would connect direct to the 1st one instead of going through your network.
If the iPad can't talk to the first PLAY:1 -- get it to play music, etc -- then wireless client isolation could indeed be the issue. Not totally unexpected on a corporate network.

Initial setup could appear to succeed, since the controller device would be using an open WiFi connection direct to the player.
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Hi pjb720, welcome to the Sonos community. With corporate/enterprise networks, there's extra complexity which can often prevent Sonos from working in the same way that it would on a normal home network. Quite often, you have to enable multicast flooding or forwarding on your access points and switches. Otherwise, consider a SonosNet setup, which is at least one Sonos device wired to the network with Ethernet. This is usually a BOOST but it can also be any player. This unit then broadcasts to any other Sonos devices you might have wirelessly. This article may explain it better.

You should consult your I.T. department if you need to wire in more than one Sonos, as we use Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) which can result in a network loop, and subsequent crash, if the network is not configured properly to handle it.