Sonos One speakers only show up on some apps

  • 12 December 2017
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I bought the Sonos Ones (set) because I wouldn't be tied to any Amazon/Google/Apple/Nest ecosystem and read that I could use the speakers like bluetooth speakers. But on my iPhone 6 it only shows up in the Sonos app, which has limited functionality. For instance, I use Stitcher and I can't see them from within the Stitcher app, and the Sonos app integrates Sticher, but with an EXTREMELY limited amount of function compared to the real app. You can't tell me it's technically impossible, because if one app can see them, they should all be able to. If I can't solve this, I'm going to return them, because it defeats the whole point of me buying them.

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5 replies

Sorry, any place that indicated that they can be used "like" bluetooth speakers would have been incorrect, as they don't have bluetooth in them.

Sonos has indicated that in 2018, they'll have the Airplay 2 integration released, so that you can use them in the same fashion as a bluetooth speaker. There are a few music apps which have integrated the Sonos API so that you can use the music companies app (Spotify and Pandora, I think) to control the Sonos. Stitcher has not done so yet, so you may need to wait for the Airplay 2 integration. Or possibly petition the folks at Stitcher to implement the API that Sonos has written for that purpose.

I'm sorry that you feel mis led by anyone. It really is a great speaker system, for what it does. It doesn't do everything, but Sonos keeps working with new partners to bring new features as often as possible. The most recent is integration with Amazon's Alexa voice control, which can be had either with the Sonos One, or even with just an Alexa device from Amazon. I believe Spotify's integration was after that, and there are several other potential partnerships in the offing, as indicated in this thread:

But if you still feel it necessary, depending on where you purchased them, there usually is a return policy.

I hope you can look past the initial disappointment you feel and can give them a fair trial for what they are, a great whole home music system, that continues to add more and more features.
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Thank you. I hope they develop it soon, then. I may still return them and wait until that feature is available because by then there will be an even better set or the current set will be cheaper.
Certainly your prerogative. Since the Sonos One was just released a few short weeks ago, I suspect it may be a while before they release a new piece of hardware, but who knows? Either way, best of luck.
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Okay, I found a workaround from listening to an NPR Tech podcast (on headphones). You can listen to podcasts by using TuneIn on the Alexa App, which is more advanced than the Sonos app, but connects to the Sonos One speakers.
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No, wait. I take it back. It’s also crappy and has no controls. Back to headphones and returning the speakers.