Sonos One plays the wrong track

  • 4 September 2018
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Hi Everyone, I'm new to SONOS, I have this issue as using Smarrhtings I 've configured SONOS One to play specific track based on specific activities that trigging SONOS, such as if the main door opened play track 123, if the back door opened play track 456. note that all mentioned trakes are hosted on local Plex media server. Now the issue is always when SONOS start to play based on the trigger, its start playing the last played track, not the one that I've mapped to play!! simple:
main door open -> play 123
back door open -> play 456
again if main door open sonos will play 456 !!

Any idea?

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4 replies

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Hello there, engnezar. Thanks for posting. Would you mind reproducing the problem and then submitting a diagnostic report? Be sure to reply here with the confirmation number it gives at the end. Specifically, I am curious to see the "Play" commands Sonos is receiving.

Thanks in advance!
Thank you Keith, the confirmation number is (2074079405),
Another issue I've recently experienced, is that I am using Plex as my local media server, and have switch to triggered Sonos to play certain track, what I noticed that every time that trigger activated Sonos Play nothing and I need to refresh the connection via Sonos app in order to play that track, so if I enforce the switch to be on then SONOS play the track fine, it looks like sonos keep losing the connection/session with my Plex server every amount of time. Any Idea?
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No problem and thanks for the diagnostic report. It seems that your local network is a Ubiquiti mesh network, is that correct? The Living Room unit is having a hard time connecting to the Dell router/modem that is responsible for DHCP which could definitely cause some problems. However, this would cause more widespread problems than just track order. Normally, lost connectivity will result in the speaker missing from the app, cutouts, and cannot play errors. However, the Plex disconnects could be a result of this problem.

As a test, if you plug this Sonos One into the Dell router/modem using an Ethernet cable, does the problem persist?
Negative, even after connect SONOS using network cable!
Same symptoms as after some time SONOS lost the connection to the Plex and I need to refresh the connection by opening SONOS application via mobile or desktop then map the folder where the track is located, then the action start working. Thoughts please.