Sonos One Name Defaults Back to “Sonos” After An Hour

  • 14 August 2018
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I have a pair of Sonos One speakers in different rooms. I updated the software to the latest version to enable AirPlay 2 support. A byproduct of the update: the speakers will not hold their room name. Among my list of airplay devices, I will see Sonos, Sonos. This did not occur prior to the software update.

I can go to the Sonos app room settings. The room name will say Sonos, even though there is a check mark (example 1) next to “bedroom,” the correct name. Clicking “bedroom” will reset the speaker name to “bedroom” and bring up a dialog asking whether I moved the speaker and need to retune. Now the speaker name displays correctly... until the next time it spontaneously resets. The name does not stick in airplay or within the Sonos app.

I’m an advanced tech user and have gone through a number of name resets and other attempts to address the issue. Although everything else works fine, this is a pain, and I’m not likely to expand my system further only to have three or four generic room names to try each time I want to play music.

This seems like a software or firmware issue, but I cannot see the topic being discussed here yet. Surely I am not the only one. Thoughts?

Best answer by Belly M 14 August 2018, 19:33

Try renaming them in the iOS Home app.
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8 replies

I think you probably are the only one! I would like to help but I am struggling to follow ehat you are doing / saying. Maybe a couple of screenshots would help?
Here are screens showing the default speaker names. Setting the name to a non-default value works for a short time, then reverts back to Sonos. This did not occur prior to the recent software update. I doubt I am the only one, but thanks bro.
Try renaming them in the iOS Home app.
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Try renaming them in the iOS Home app.
This would be a good place to start, I've seen it happen with Home Kit before. Another place to check is to open up your Alexa app, what do the names of the Sonos Ones show up there as? The Sonos One should show up twice.
Thank you, Belly M. This appears to be the solution.

I changed the names again in the Sonos app, but the speaker names continued to appear as “Sonos” in the iOS Home app. I never looked in the Home app for the speakers previously, because I don’t use that app. (I have one other HomeKit enabled device currently, so it’s not of much use).

Apparently HomeKit overwrites any room name change in the Sonos app after a short interval. This is a new issue because HomeKit did not interface with the speakers prior to the AirPlay 2 software update. One would expect the Sonos app to be the champion in any naming conflict of a Sonos speaker, but that’s not the case. Additionally, though the fix is through the Home app, the app doesn't need to be open for the speaker name to be overwritten.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the suggestion, Ryan S. I tried that previously, but with no success.
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Glad that you found it, I was pretty sure it was the HomeKit app as well.

Regarding "the "champion on naming conflicts" what's happening is that the Sonos app shows you the name that the player reports it has. Within the HomeKit app, it has a name which it thinks the Sonos player should have, and so it is periodically sending a "change your name to this" command to the Sonos players. The Sonos app doesn't overwrite that name, because it only sends that command when you go into the Sonos settings to change the room name.
Understood. Just getting acquainted with HomeKit, so this will likely be good info moving forward.
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Thank you for the solution. I had the same issue with the speaker name reverting back. Changed named in HomeKit app and issue was resolved. 😃