Sonos One disconnecting from WiFI

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Hey @Mark_124 . Thanks for the post.

  • When the one speaker is taken out, does the system return to normal reliability?
  • What about what that new Sonos One is hardwired to either the router or the connected Boost?

Additionally, are you running any additional routers, extenders, or switches in addition to your router? If so, would you be able to provide me with the make/model for those units?

I am having trouble with my One continually disconnecting form my WiFi network. I am able to setup and configure with the network cable plugged in. I then move the One to the room where I want it setup and have no problem connecting via WiFi for an hour or two. When I am done using the One or sometimes just after some time has passed, the One loses its connection to the network and I have to reconnect it to my WiFi using the cable. Is there a remedy for this?


Hi paso1129,

Welcome to the community. Can submit a diagnostic report while your Sonos One is connected and showing in the app? Reply with the confirmation number and I'll take a look.


I'm having the same issue. Here is my diagnostic number is 698160197 . Can you tell me what my issue might be please. 



Hi @colin.aitken77.

It looks like your controller is not able to connect with the Sonos system. 

Is there any Sonos players hardwired into the router? 

If not, I would like you to hardwire a Sonos player and let me know if the system comes back up.


Hi same problem. My Sonos One and Beam both disapear from the app after a few hours. I reset the wifi and they come back for a while and disapear again.



thanks for you help.

Hi @Lewiis.

Having Sonos players dropping and returning once the router is rebooted usually points in the direction of a network issue. 

Do you have two routers/networks? If so, are they given the same network name?

May I also get the make/model of the routers, modem, WiFi boosters, access points, and switches that may be present in your network?

Thank you Adam, all other devices works properly. Tv, laptop, cells, etc.


Router is zyXel EMG2926-q10a

it has a 2.4ghz and a 5ghz


modem is hitron cda-res

no switch, additional access point or booster.

Before I experienced the problem, I had a similar modem and router.



Is there any Sonos players hardwired into the router? 

If not, hardwire one of the players into the router and let me know if the system comes back up.

Only the one plugged in comes back.

Got it. Reboot the other players. The rest should appear. 

Moving forward, I would like to make sure that the speakers do not drop when one is hardwired.

After rebooting the other players, please submit another diagnostics so I may take a look .

Interesting.. it’s back after the reboot


I’ll reach out if I lose it again. If not thank you so much! Excellent support.

As soon as I disconnected the wired and put it back on the wifi, I lost both… :-(

Thankfully, the diagnostic isn’t showing me any problems as of now. 

Let’s see if any issues come back.

Happy to help and be safe!

In regarding to your following post. 

With this specific test, I would like the Sonos player to remain hardwired and test if it drops in that configuration. 

Additionally, I think it would be a good idea to have you give us a call so our agents can troubleshoot live. They would have tools that may better assist you in this case.

Hi, another one with the pesky issue of my sonos disconnecting from wifi after about 2 hours of play. Can someone please use the diagnostic case number below to let me know what the issue is?


Thank you!

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Hi @dalagr, sorry for the late response and thank you for reaching out.

I checked the diagnostic number, it shows the “not enough bandwidth” error. 

I also would like to know the audio source that was playing. 

We can also test wire the speaker to the router with an Ethernet cable and try playing the audio source.

If you don’t encounter any issue playing while wired let’s check the previous area for any wireless interference

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.



I’ve also got an issue where my Sonos One randomly drops out, or is invisible to both the Sonos App or AirPlay/Casting/any other service. My diagnostics number is 1018489667. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @daniel.schell.

Thanks for reaching out, we’d be glad to help.

Upon checking on the diagnostic report, I see that the WiFi interface on the Sonos: Connect named as Living Room has been disabled, and it is not recommended for Sonos components that need to use their wireless connection. Having a Sonos product directly wired to the router via ethernet cable (like your Sonos: Connect) will create a dedicated wireless network specifically for your Sonos system (SonosNet) and will pass the wireless signal to other Sonos products (like your Sonos One). That said if the WiFi of the component is ‘disabled’, its ability to talk or communicate with other speakers is compromised.

Kindly try to ‘enable’ the WiFi on the component by following the steps below and you can also refer to this article about  How to disable or enable WiFi on your Sonos players for more details.

  • In the Sonos app, tap the Settings tab and select System.
  • Tap the name of the room, then tap the model of the speaker under Products.
  • From here, you can choose Disable WiFi or Enable WiFi.
  • The app will show which is currently selected with a checkmark.
  • Test it and see if that resolves it. 


If the above advice was followed and the issue persists, please submit a new diagnostic so we can check further and see if there’s anything else that might cause this issue.


Let us know how that goes.


I have the same issue with my two Sonos one SL during Black Friday 2020, for which I would appreciate a solution.  The ip addresses of these two sonos have been fixed in my router setting. The diagnostic # is 1621702889.  

Another issue I noticed is these two speakers constantly drop out from the Airplay device list (or unable to connect even if they are visible on the list) on iphone for 90% of time.  I am using an iPhone XR with the most recent IOS version of 14.3. 

Other smart speakers in the same wifi network environment are working perfectly (google nest, amazon echo and Marshall). 


my sonos one , keeps getting disconnected,
Your confirmation number is: 319930339.

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Hi @gintamaro and @Giladw, welcome to the Sonos Community!

I'd recommend taking a look through our Fix an Issue help page, which has some good information on preventing this kind of issue, as well as many others from happening. 

If you're still having trouble however, feel free to get in touch with our Support Team via chat or telephone - they'll be more than happy to help you get everything sorted out :)

So Sonos devices can’t handle dynamic channel change? It should be added to the product spec and the set up.

I have FIOS router and extenders and they all channel hop by default. The inability to handle this is kind of lame. Sonos One is the only device I have that can’t handle it. Is it hard to workaround with a firmware change? Like if the unit finds itself not able to reach internet, restart the wifi and try to reconnect?