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  • 14 December 2016
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Hi all,
for some reason or other I can't connect any Sonos component to my LAN for some time..
(Dumbo damaged the in-wall cable..)
For the time being (until I find the time to fix it) I had to switch to standard Wireless mode.
Works almost like expected, but:
My CR200 doesn't find any Sonos products.

The Windows desktop controller and even my Windows mobile app still work.

Is the CR200 not capable of using standard Wireless anymore?
(Has it ever been capable at all? Never tried before..)

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Could a mod please change the title to 'CR200 on standard wireless'?

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6 replies

Ouch, seems like the CR200 can't (never could) use the standard wireless network.
Since I can't do without my CR200, the dining room will stay silent for some time.
(..because the dining room AMP will have to live as the wired component on the 1st floor.)
Well, at least that might help to speed up the repair!
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Yes the CR200 operates on Sonosnet and when you use your home wifi you don't have Sonosnet.

ok but I'm confused. What Sonos units do you have. Your saying you have another device in your dining room using the Ethernet port?

You only have a single Ethernet plug in the house to connect to. Realize most Sonos units have 2 Ethernet ports where you can wire it to your router port and you can plug another device into the Sonos unit for that device to get an Ethernet connection.
Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.
There is (was) one cable from the 1st floor (where my router resides) to the living room on the ground floor.
The ZP80 in the living room is (was) connected to that cable, the AMP in the dining room (also on the ground floor) and the CR200 were using Sonosnet.
My first impulse when I damaged the cable was to switch to home wifi.
But when I realised my CR200 didn't work, I decided I'd rather could do without music in the dining room than without my CR200.
So I moved the AMP to the 1st floor, wired it to the router and reverted to using Sonosnet.

Need to wait until after christmas before I can run a new cable, it takes some furniture relocation and whatnot.

OR I could buy a bridge..
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You could probably find a bridge cheap on eBay and wire ituostairs for sonosnet and forget the wire.
Yeah, dirt cheap!
Seems like I won't have to work in my christmas holidays..
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Merry Christmas