Sonos on existing Multi-zone audio system

  • 28 October 2016
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I already have a multizone audio system, however, I'm looking to add sonos so we can stream music from our phones (apple,android) wirelessly. However, it seems complicated because we already have a multizone system that I had installed when we built the house. My current setup is as follows:

6 zone speaker selector (4 being used) living room, kitchen, patio, bathroom
4 zone amplifier
All speakers are ceiling speakers (4 living room, 4 kitchen, 2 patio, 1 bathroom

From what I have researched, I will need a connect or connect-amp for each zone? If I already have an amp then i assume I do not need the connect-amp?
Is it possible to connect 4 speakers into 1 connect, assuming that the speakers are 8ohms? or is that only possible with the connect amp?
If I already have a TV, DVD, STB, ANDROID BOX going into the amplifier for audio, i assume i would just add 1 connect per zone?
And do i only need to hardwire 1 sonos connect, or do i hardwire all of them to my ethernet switch?

Thank you for your help in advance.

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Adding a Connect is just like adding TV or DVD.

You add a single connect box to an available input on your multizone amp.

Then Sonos is a source just like TV.

Now - what this means is that you then only have a single Sonos stream at one time. So with a single connect you can play a song in say your kitchen but then if you want to hear a sonos song in your bedroom you will be hearing the exact same song that is playing in the kitchen.

If you want the ability to play multiple Sonos streams then you need multiple connects.

Example: My neighbor has a Crestron whole home system. He has a single connect hooked to his receiver and the input is labeled Sonos. So he can go on his Crestron remote and select Sonos for a room and it will play whatever he is playing from the Sonos app. He mentioned to me the other day that sometimes he is playing something via Sonos downstairs and his daughter wants to play something different upstairs via Sonos (they use Spotify via Sonos primarily). So I told him just add another Connect and call it Sonos2. Then on his Crestron he will have Sonos and Sonos2 available as sources. Then his daughter can utilize Sonos2 and he can utilize Sonos old input so that they can listen to 2 different streams at the same time.

In the Sonos controller when you go to play a song you can pick zone Sonos or Sonos2 that you want that song to go to. The number of connects you have = the number of independent streams you can utilize. If you only care to have one stream then you only need a single connect.

Hope this helps.