Sonos not working with my Plex Server

  • 1 June 2019
  • 1 reply

I can't get Sonos working with my Plex server. It was working for months, I don't think I made any changes, and now it won't work.

I tried setting up a second Plex Server on my network and that one doesn't work either. I can, however, get music playing from severs that have been shared with me so it certainly seems to be something specific to my network but I have no idea where else to go with my troubleshooting.

I posted on the Plex forum and was totally ignored so I'm hoping someone here can assist me.

When I try to play the steam I can see the network traffic hit my server so I assume all the ports are open correctly. I can see in the sonos controller talk to my Plex when I have debug logs enabled and I can stream everything with the Plex app itself. Not sure what else I can do.

Any ideas?

(Note, I have NAT reflection enabled and have added as an exclusion in my whitelist for rebind protection).

1 reply

I have tried in vain to get Plex working on my Sonos. It just doesn’t work. I recently bought a Synology DS218+ for the express purpose of being able to stream my personal music library to the Sonos. Now after the fact I see it doesn’t work and that many others also say it doesn’t work. Sonos needs to stop pushing Plex until they can work out these bugs.