sonos not scrobbling

  • 11 December 2019
  • 1 reply

I'm listening to Spotify through Sonos and it stopped scrobbling a  week ago. Scrobbling through Spotify works fine but not if I listen to Spotify through Sonos. I've removed lastfm service in Sonos and added it back.  I've turned off scrobbling and turned it back with no luck. 

1 reply

I wish I had an answer for you about Spotify not scrobbling. I’m writing to add that I’m no longer getting ANY of my songs played through Sonos to scrobble, regardless of the source (I don’t have a Spotify account, fwiw). My profile indicates the last time anything scrobbled was on December 21st - nothing since. Like you, I removed from Sonos and added it back - still no scrobbling. Sad face...