Sonos not recognising titles on a new I pad

  • 5 March 2018
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Last year I replaced my iPad and had all my music transferred to my new iPad. This was carried out by the Apple staff. The Sonos system worked perfectly with the old iPad, playing all my music. However, since the change my system will only recognise music purchased with the new iPad. Sonos plays this music without a problem, but not the original music.

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5 replies

That seems odd. You're using the feature in the controller that says "On this iPad"?

Is it possible that these tracks were purchased through iTunes as well, on your old iPad, some time ago? I'm wondering if they happen to be DRM protected, and consequently not able to be played by the Sonos player. If they were purchased through iTunes, you could delete one of them, and then redownload it (iTunes remembers that you bought it), and get a "new" and non-DRM version. Then you could see if that shows up as playable in the Sonos app.

It might also behoove you to call Sonos to discuss it. Having someone on the phone in an immediate conversation sometimes is helpful 🙂
Ah. I just realized that if they are iTunes purchased, it's actually possible that they haven't been actually downloaded to the new iPad, and are being streamed to it when you play them in the Music app. Might be worth going into the Apple Music app, then click on library, and downloaded music and songs, to be sure they actually show up there.

Just spitballing here 🙂
Hi thanks for your thoughts, I will try your suggestions. I did purchase through I tunes and they all played prior to the change to the new I pad. Maybe the download scenario. Will try tomorrow.
Yea, it's possible that when the Apple help guru's transferred your data, they didn't do the music, since it would play via streaming when using the Apple Music app, but wouldn't work using the Sonos app, unless you had a full Apple Music subscription, and entered that in to the Sonos app.
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Most every time see this issue it is because the songs are not residing on the iPhone/ipad and are in the cloud. You have to download to the actual ipad. If you check in music you will probably find the little cloud symbol with arrow beside them all meaning they haven't downloaded to the device.