Sonos not connecting to Verizon Fios

  • 22 April 2017
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Hello All
I have a Play 1 that i have connected before at another location. I am connecting it now at my home. I have the SONOS directly connected to the LAN line/Router, and am attempting to update the wireless settings (as directed in the video), but the SONOS keeps rejecting my password and telling me i need a BOOST. The router is 2.4ghz 802.11b/g/n compatible.

any ideas? i don't think a boost will help as if the machine can't connect while directly linked to the router i don't see how the boost would do it while also directly hardwired to the router.

Yes, i have checked my router settings to make sure that i am using the correct password.

thanks in advance for any ideas.


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3 replies

Curious as to why you need a password if you're connecting directly to the router and not via wifi?
hi ekrob
it needed the password to authenticate the network for the intitial setup
it wasn't recognizing the correct password for some reason and kept giving me the error
SONOS tech contacted me and after a few tries we figured the solution-
reset the router
after that it hooked up fine and here i sit listening!