Sonos not connecting to Deezer??

I'm not able to play my Deezer music services through Sonos this morning - help!

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I deleted and re-installed it from Sonos and everything is back to normal - thank goodness!
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I had to reactivate my Deezer account for Sonos use and I've successfully done it but its changed the default language from English to German! WTH?
If you haven't yet, download the PC/Mac Controller from here, and try it this way.
I closed it down and still no success
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Deezer is requesting re-authorization for my account also (in the USA). I haven't tried to do so yet.
this issue is happening to me today - wants me to keep logging into Deezer and then doesn't connect. Only happened since the last Apple APP update
Close the Sonos app, re-open it, and try to authorise Deezer again. This worked for me.
this issue is happening to me today - wants me to keep logging into Deezer and then doesn't connect. Only happened since the last Apple APP update
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Working here too again as well - good news
Thank you. Just checked and its working fine. What was the issue?
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Hi folks,

The Deezer outage should now be resolved. If you're still having issues, please submit a diagnostic report and reply here with the confirmation number.
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Can't be a DNS issue for me as I'm experiencing this issue on Virgin cable and I have my DNS set to Google's.
There's a thread in Announcements about this, probably the best place to look for updates.
Sonos say they are aware and are dealing with the issue
Sounds like a DNS problem then. If there's a local redirection to VM servers then using a non-local DNS such as Google's may not work.
Note from Deezer Support

Virgin Media are experiencing issues routing Deezer through to Sonos devices, resulting in some users experiencing playback issues.

Please note this only affects playback via Sonos devices and using Deezer via our website should still work for users on Virgin Media.

They are as we speak investigating the problem, so we can only ask you to wait until the service works again. If the problem is not solved within 48 hours, please contact us again so we can update you
In the past, Virgin-specific issues have often been DNS related. If you can change the DNS handed out by the router's DHCP server try substituting Google's: (primary) and (secondary). You'd then need to restart Sonos players and controllers.
so i guess its just a waiting game ??
Deezer support have just confirmed that there is an issue with VM and Sonos
I'm on virgin and still having a problem
Is the common factor Virgin? AFAIK there's isn't a "Sonos server" involved. A controller accesses Deezer, then EdgeCast for metadata. Stream data comes from closer to home, in BT's case on their own network. Virgin could well be the same.
I'm having the same issue. Been unable to connect for 2 days. I've raised with Deezer support. No response yet. I'm also on Virgin Media, so it may be that the issue is between them and Sonos and not Deezer. Strange that I can play Amazon Music okay though.
Report it to Sonos I guess, I'll give it a go.
so what do i need to do for that ???
Deezer are saying Sonos will perform a system check and help you fix the issue
I'm having the same problem , do we just leave it and hopefully it starts to work again??