Sonos not appearing in iOS 10 Control Center

  • 13 October 2016
  • 4 replies

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Anyone take noticing that the Sonos controls don't always appear in control center? I haven't noticed a pattern, it just seems to be random. Sometimes it shows up sometimes it doesn't. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

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4 replies

same here. no joy from tech support, they said "wireless interference" but there are no other symptoms of that. did u ever figure it out?
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Hey All,

We wanted to see if you’re still seeing issues with Sonos in control center? If so, there are a couple things we’d like to know.

First, are you running the most up to date version of the Sonos app? Here’s how to check for updates. We also recommend that your iPhone/iPad/iPod is running the latest version of iOS.

If the problem’s still happening, do you have any other iOS devices we can test? Are they experiencing similar behavior?

Screenshots are also helpful for issues like this, so if you could send one along we’ll take a look.
after a power cycle of the ipad the problem cleared up. then it happened again after a while, but another power cycle resolved it. not sure what the condition is that causes the Control Center to lose track of the Sonos app. when the problem occurs, it goes back to iTunes being the controlled app even if itunes app isnt open. i also tried killing any other app that might be accessing the audio but that didn't help.
With the new version of Sonos Controler and after install like the instructions, i have any apparence of my Sonos One or my Sonos Play 5... It was supposed to have the possiiblity to put my music from, by example, Netflix, Spotify or Apple Music, etc. but any possibilitie for me. Any apparence of my Sonos speaker on my Control Center (IOS)...