Sonos Network issues

  • 17 May 2017
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We have 2 different issues

1) Rooms disappear from our controllers and the apps muck up when trying to group / ungroup rooms, bugging it all out
2) When I search for music on my phone, a Samsung S6, it is hit and miss as to whether the music on our network will show in that search but for my husband who has a Motorola G4 he always finds the music library music.

I ran a diagnostic just now - 7402860

Our system should have 4 play 1's and a play bar but currently on our controllers we just have kitchen, we've had various combinations throughout the eve!

We have changed our channels so our router is on 11 and sonos is on 1 prior to it going to just the kitchen and me running the diagnostic

Help please!

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7 replies

Hi mattimooz, thanks for the diagnostic and welcome to the Community. Let's get your system to work properly.

It looks like you have a Netgear and an ASUS router or extender. Which of the two is the Sonos component hardwired into?

Is the ASUS device hardwired to the Netgear, or is it being used as a fully wireless extender?

Once we get a better understanding of your network, we'll know where to focus our troubleshooting attention.

Thanks :)

All rooms were back this morning though the master bedroom has promptly gone again upon trying to play something. I ran another diagnostic to see if this assisted with more info - 7403433

I have been able to play something through master bedroom 2 though it hung for a good while beforeit came through to the controller despite music coming out. It was something the speaker had played the day before though so I dont know if it still had it in its memory if thats how it works.

On the questions above - the Netgear router is our virgin router and we have 2 t-links set up but I didnt know these were Asus - they are from here - but I dont see it saying they are asus origin, but I cant think of it being anything else on our network. We have had the tlinks on our network since 2015 but it seems to be only lately that we've had these problems.

Let me know what else you need info wise 🙂
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Hi mattimooz,

Thanks for submitting the updated diagnostic and providing that extra information.

I see that you are using powerline adaptors to connect the PLAYBAR to. While they are convenient powerline adaptors are not the most reliable for a wired connection. If possible, I would bypass the adaptor and plug the PLAYBAR into the router. If the PLAYBAR is not in range of the router, you can wire any of the other players to the router to produce the same effect.

In addition, I would recommend removing the wireless credentials from Sonos as they can interfere with your wired SonosNet connection. To do this go to Manage > Settings > Advanced > Wireless Setup > Reset
Thanks. Unfortunately this is not easy. The playbar is downstairs and the router is upstairs and due to the previous owners house configuration is in a room we only use for laundry. We'd essentially have a useless play 1 in there just to connect to the router. A very expensive work around. What i dont understand is why we didnt have any problems before the last couple of months?

Whats best here? If we move the play 1 and then move it back that would just create the problem again wouldnt it?

Oh forgot to say, ive removed the credentials :)

Thanks for the help btw 🙂
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If it's difficult to have one wired, you might want to try just having everything wireless. Sonos can remember the name and password of your normal WiFi and join that. The important thing to make sure of here, is that it does not join a network broadcast by an extender or powerline adapter. You will need to configure your extenders such that they do not produce a network with an identical name to the WiFi from the main router. For example if your router makes a network called 'VM456011-2G' then you would want the extenders to create something like 'VM456011-2G _EXT' (although you can call it anything, so long as it's different). Then, in the Sonos app go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Wireless Setup and follow the instructions here to tell Sonos the password to the router's WiFi. All your Sonos players will then talk directly to the router and you should notice better performance.
Thank you very much for the responses! I think we've followed this and hopefully it is sorted. Will see how it is over the next couple of days.
We had the same issue killing the network... Had Sonos units duplicating mac addresses and reflecting them across the entire network... causes all kinds of spanning-tree loops... brings down the network eventually (starts out relatively small and snowballs from there)... everything slows way down over time... If you show mac address table (on network switch) where Sonos is connected... we would see 15+ mac addresses of devices that were in other physical locations on the campus. This has happened more than once with multiple Sonos units. We now have a policy of no Sonos devices to be on the network. No, I'm not working with Sonos on this... This is what we have learned from them being on our network. No, i do not wish to open a ticket on this... simply telling you what/where you will find your problem(s) if experiencing this. One viable solution would be to vlan your Sonos devices to their own network... this would alleviate them crossing and disrupting your entire network. - KTB