sonos music quality

  • 31 July 2017
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have just reconnected my sonos system to my stereo
"denon pra s10" the volume on my stereo is at a level with the connect on max that would invoke a sound complaint from my neighbours but its not loud at all.
is it normal to notice a decided loss of volume thru sonos?
i have a bridge for the wifi connection
have the connect outputs placed into aux on the amp.
the denon has 2 mono blocks??

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5 replies

Are you using fixed or variable output on the Sonos Connect?

Have you tried the Connect on another input on your amp such as CD or Tuner?
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Using my fixed output from the Sonos into my older Denon it provides enough of a signal that I can't turn the amp up very far, on the variable output I leave the amp set fairly low and usually have the Sonos volume below the 1/2 point.

I don't know your Denon but on mine there are a lot of possible settings for an input and you might have something set in there on yours that is cutting your volume levels.
its a problem still. have tried all the input options and there is a considerable loss of volume.the system has enough power to knock out the street and its a input from sonos though.
will blog the problem and wake them up i think
There must be a specific problem somewhere in your set up. You should get the same volume as if using a CD. It would be worth contacting Sonos Support directly.
If you use Variable on the Connect output you need to have the amplifier turned up to max or close to it. Is that still giving poor volume?