Sonos Move static/crackling noise

  • 5 April 2021
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Bought a brand new Sonos Move, and since using it, there is random static that occurs often throughout songs. I read that it may be interference from other products nearby, but this is not the case. I can take it near no other products and it still occurs.

I’ve submitted diagnostics number: 2072736789

Please help find what is wrong.

3 replies

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Hi @teva995, welcome to the community.


I’ve taken a quick look at your diagnostic and don’t see any signs of major interference. What I do see though, is that your Move appears to disconnect from your network rather frequently, though this would likely result in a complete stoppage of the music rather than static sounds. Is the issue easily reproducible? If so, I recommend getting a short video recording of the problem as well as another diagnostic as soon as possible afterwards and getting in touch with our customer care team. They’ll be able to take a much closer look at what’s going on with your Move and work to find a solution for you.


I’ve experienced the same with my Sonos Move, it just randomly cracks and has static, which I wouldn’t expect at all, let alone from a Sonos speaker. I have Beams and Sonos 1’s and they work fine, only the Move. Any advice as it’s nigh unusable with this static and often end up switching to far cheaper and more basic portable speakers which defeats the point of the move. 

Many thanks in advance for any help.

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As James L said, this does not sound like a network problem - typically you will get the sound output stopping if there is interference/poor reception on the network side. It’s not impossible that some other nearby electrical appliance is generating a lot of electrical noise due to a fault, but IMO that is unlikely.

Otherwise, it seems likely that the Move itself is faulty and you should be considering a warranty claim, provided it is still within the warranty period.