Sonos Move not charging

  • 28 December 2019
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I recently bought a Sonos Move and am new to Sonos products. When placing the Move onto the charging base an amber light flashes for about 10 seconds and then nothing. I have left it to charge overnight and the next day, nothing! It wont turn on and isnt retaining a charge.


Any help would be appreciated!



7 replies

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I also have the new Sonos Move. And on mine the amber light on flashes briefly before shutting off the light. Can you “see” the Move speaker in the Sonos App? This will show you the charge level. And are you certain that the power button on the back, is in the powered on “position” ? 


I bought the MOVE when it first came out thinking it would be a good speaker for moving around the yard and on to patios when we sit outside. It has definitely been that.  Very handy.  My biggest issue w/ it is the battery life is abysmal.  You would think with such a large cabinet, there would be plenty of room for a decent sized battery, but that, apparently is not the case.  I would say a full charge might last me two days with maybe 3 hours of listening.


Now, same thing.  Light comes on when it’s in the cradle then nothing.  I’ve left it there all week and it’s still dead.  Not a good $399 investment.

I can imagine that MOVE is not fully seated in the charger base, preventing charge. 

My experience has been about 10 hours of battery run time while playing music. A completely discharged unit will fully charge in about two hours. 

The battery indicator in the SONOS controller should indicate the charge level and indicate when the unit is seated on the charger base.

I experience the same issues.
About one week after purchase my batterie drained incredibly fast, even when not playing anything it could hardly last 4 hours.
Today it completly refuses to charge. If I position the Sonos Move in the charging station the orange light flashes for a couple of seconds, then turns off.
My move dosen’t show in the app.
Also it IS correctly placed in the charging station (otherwise I wouldn’t see a reaction at all).
also im quite techsavy and tried different things.
(changing the outlet, press button combinations for a factory reset etc.) 

sadly nothing helped. I guess Sonos has a problem with faulty units. I bought mine on the very first day of release. I guess I will have to send it back.

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Hi @Tom1996 

I suggest you submit a diagnostic, post the reference ID in this forum and call Sonos or contact them via Twitter B4 trying to send it back.

I have just had this problem with my Move. Battery dead, power button not working, not showing on the app, but the amber light did come on when I put it on the docking station. 

The way I resolved it was:

1 - With the Move on the dock, hold the power button down for 15secs (nothing will happen)

2 - Take the Move off the dock and do the same thing, this resulted in the white power button coming on and the Move showing on my app with 100% power. Problem solved.

Good luck!


Sadly, my Move doing the same thing. Was working great, now won’t charge (neither the base nor the USB-C works so it ain’t an issue of not being placed properly.) Aaahh Sonos. The promise of your system is always so tantalizing and your branding is so good I continuously overlook the many issues with your products. If past is prologue, this issue will not get solved without buying a new product. 


(Also, I laughed out loud when I read someone on here suggesting posting on twitter to get customer support. Post. On. Twitter. What a company.)