Sonos Move keeps loosing conection to other grouped speakers ..not happy :(

  • 15 December 2019
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Hello there 


Have been using Sonos products for years now.  I have 2 play ones (older generation)  and a PlayBase for TV surround system I also have 2 play fives (older generation) used in an entertainment area. 


Have always been very happy with my purchases…..until recently! 




About 2 months ago I took the plunge and also brought myself the new Sonos Move speaker (which was quite a bit of money to outlay!) . The main reason I wanted the Move was so I could enable Airplay2 on the Move speaker and then believed (as advertised by Sonos)  I could then group my older Non Airplay2 compatible speakers to my new Move speaker, and I then “supposedly” have Airplay2 on all of the grouped speakers. …………...So much for that idea! 




I even coughed up more money again again to replace my old Sonos Bridge with a new Sonos Boost, hoping that the new Boost would help with the problems I’m having . Now after spending  very close to $800 Australian Dollars!  I have a system that doesn’t perform as advertised by Sonos. 




My problem is that the reliability of an Airplay2 connection from my IPad Pro (with latest IOS version) is in a word ...Shite! 


I have set the Sonos Boost on a separate channel to my home router( yes have tried all 3 channels!)


I have a very good “broadband” connection to the internet (typically close to 50 megabits down load and 15 upload)


Have rebooted the modem MANY times


The Sonos Move can’t even maintain an Airplay2 connection from my IPad Pro when playing music stored locally on my iPad! . When I am able  to create an Airplay2 connection to the Move speaker, if I try and group it to my “stereo paired”  older generation Play5 speakers using  the very latest Sonos app for IPad, the App shows that, yes the Move and the Play5’s are now grouped, BUT there is no sound T all  playing on the Play5’s.


If I then go and  “un-group”  the Move and the Play5’s, then all audio is lost and sometimes I even end having to completely “power down” the IPad before the Sonos app will function at all!


Hopefully their is a solution to this issue and I would love to hear from any “Wise Ones” :)


Very annoyed with the new Move and Boost, and if It can’t be fixed so the Move dose what it’s advertised to do, I’ll be asking for a complete refund due to products not performing as advertised


Here’s hopping :)

Regards Sean









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