Sonos Move doesn't turn on


My Move doesn’t turn on anymore after working perfectly. I went a week on holiday and upon return my move won’t turn on anymore. It have been sitting on it’s charging ring all that time.
Therefore I think it’s definitely charged and I’ve tried every combination and fixes/resets I could find.

The only thing I couldn’t find on the internet is the way the battery leds are flashing.
These leds are orange solid for 5 seconds, then off, then solid 5 seconds and so on…

It’s not the normal short on/off charging orange led cycle.

I’m now trying to let it drain completely for 5 days, hopefully when recharging it will come alive again.

In the meantime, anyone an idea what it could be?



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I would try leaving the charger-loop power-block unplugged/powered off for a few minutes and ensure the charger-loop is the correct way up and connecting to the Moves connections - check the connections are clean and then see if it will power back on and appear in the App.

It might ‘possibly’ be the case that the charger-loop has developed a fault, so if you do have another compatible USB-C charger handy then maybe give that a try too.

Hi Ken,

thanks for your reply.

I’ve tried your suggestions, but with the charger-loop it’s still the same problem.
I’ve tried with another USB-C charger and unfortunately this shows the same behaviour.

I’m starting to think it’s a faulty battery...

Any other ideas?



I would definitely contact Sonos Support via this LINK and see what they suggest. They maybe aware of some other things you can try. Follow this link:

In my own case, the charger-loop was the thing that proved to be my problem, albeit a few months ago now, so I purchased a new one from Sonos and all has been fine ever since. I was lucky because I had two ‘Moves’ / chargers so was able to test that it was the actual charger, rather than the battery.