Sonos Move Cracked

  • 8 December 2019
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My Sonos move cracked while In a carry on. I only had it in a carry on which i had on me the whole time. Should have a lot more strength especially as it wasn’t tossed or anything and kepT in the bag. Hoping Sonos comes through.


Twitter support said:

While we can't promise that the unit will be replaced as physical damage is outside of our warranty coverage, we'll be happy to add this to the Case for review. Mind sending us your email address so we can create a case for you?


But seeing as it’s advertised like this:

and I didn’t even drop it, I expect better. 


also I just bought it on Thursday :( 

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5 replies

Pretty disappointing but luckily it works well and sounds amazing. Really enjoying it on this trip so far. Just turns me off, always thought Sonos was known for a great CS experience. 

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Looks like your Move may have been a victim of the perfect resonated frequency combined with pressure of a sort. Just guessing from the facture exhibited at the left corner in your picture.

On the other hand Sonos may have been a bit over zealous with their drop claims. Any object that experiences that 1 in a million drop at the precise angle and/or pressure point will sustain damage. That holds true for diamonds; otherwise how else could they be cut.

Also, judging from my Moves the top appears to be the weakest design point; thereby making it the most vulnerable and susceptible to damage.

I hope you get your case resolved satisfactorily.  Please keep us posted. Cheers!

They weren’t helpful as of yet. On the contrary they told me to contact best buy who will definitely not help in this case. Luckily I realized I purchased my airfare on my Amex so they may be able to help. 

Yeah they just said it’s not promised which doesn’t leave me very hopeful. I do however have faith knowing they text to provide great customer service and I really do swear I treat the product with the utsmost respect. I love it. 

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You haven’t had news from Sonos if the damage your Move had sustained is covered or not? Then why are you writing you expect better?