Sonos & Meraki Issues

  • 1 April 2014
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So I've had my Sonos system for a few years now and it consists of a Bridge, 4 x Connects and a Play 5. Until know I've been using D Link for my WiFI which has been flaky to say the least. I've upgraded my WiFI having gone for a Meraki MX60W together with 2 x MR12 APs. The WiFi is 5 bar all around the house but Connects drop in and out. Anyone got any useful ideas or suggestions?

1 reply

Welcome to the forums.

After a router change you must power cycle all the devices on your network, to obtain a fresh IP configuration. Without doing so you'll easily run into IP conflicts, which would be consistent with your reported symptoms.

The other thing you should check is your wireless channel assignments. Determine the Sonos channel and put router/AP 2.4GHz WiFi on something different. Choose only from 1, 6 or 11 and don't use a 40MHz wide WiFi channel.