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  • 7 August 2017
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I have 6 sonos Connect:AMP. I have to work with sonos app and with a domotic KNX interface. I need static IP's in all sonos amplifiers to work with KNX. Because of this problem (sonos don't have manual ip configuration) I changed the router and now i have one that allows configuration to set a manual IP to each sonos, but it don't work.

The sonos amplifiers are all in the same place, and the connection is serial for all 6. The cable from the router arrives to the first sonos, and another cable goes from that sonos to another until all 6 sonos are connected. Only the first works with the IP that gives the new router, but for the rest of the amps is not working. I think that when a Sonos is connected directly to another the IP is set automatically before the router assigns the manual IP.

How can I solve this?
Buying another router and changing all the installation?
Or maybe buying another amps?
I have no place for a new router.
I cannot understand why is not allowed to put a manual IP as I can do with any other product. Is a very little thing that is causing a very big problem.
Please, allow manual IP or give an alternate solution.


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5 replies

IP addresses can and should be assigned from your router, if fixed IP addresses is what you want. There is no need whatsoever for any capability in Sonos itself to set IP addresses
Hello. That's not true. I assigned manual IP for the six sonos. Only the first amp, the one that goes directly to the router have the correct IP from the router. If I use another amp as first is the same thing, only the first has the correct IP. The rest have automatic IP.
Then Ii believe that is a router issue not a Sonos issue. What range of addresses are you allowing for DHCP? Does your router require fixed addresses to be set from within that range or outside it?
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Maybe Instead of using the daisy-chain / serial connection method pick up an inexpensive Ethernet switch and connect your router to it and then connect the switch directly to each of your Connect:Amp devices.

For about $25 any other switch that isn't on the Sonos STP blacklist should work and a 10/100 unit would work too, gigabit isn't necessary.

(edit) Bad devices:

I haven't tried the daisy-chain method but with direct router-switch-connect connections my router is happy to assign static IPs based on the Connect's MAC address. Make sure you are using the right MAC too, a typo or picking the wrong one there is frustrating.
Daisy chaining that many units isn't a great idea. A switch is possible, but why not just have the things wireless, apart from one. I cannot think of any reason why that would affect the IP addressing though.