Sonos looses sight of music folders on computer

  • 21 December 2017
  • 3 replies

I'm using my computer as my controller. My sonos looses sight of my music folders when I close Sonos and leave it closed for more than a day.. So when I open it I have to go into my music library settings and manually add and wait while it updates. I haven't added anything new to the system.

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3 replies

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The computer must be losing network connection and for some reason sonos starts ignoring.

Personally, I would get a cheap NAS drive to keep files available 24/7. Lots of uses for NAS drive and they aren't much more than $100. Some routers these days have ability already built in so just add a drive to the router.

Otherwise, I would look at the network and sleep options on the computer as to if its shutting itself down when idol.
Hi Chris, thanks for the suggestion. I could use my cell phone as the controller, would that do it?
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Well I think phone makes good controller. But that doesn't solve your issue with the music residing on your computer not being seen.