Sonos keeps skipping tracks

No particular pattern, but regular enough to be very annoying, I have tried all three channels to no avail
Just did a diagnostic: 7723374
Thanks in advance

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I am having the same problem.
Every single song in the past hour has skipped before reaching half way through. It is driving me mad.
I have reported it to Sonos help & submitted a diagnosic but any advice would be gratefully received.

I am streaming stored music from my i-Phone to 4 pairs of Play:1s. One Play:1 speaker is wired into the router.
I am using Sky channel 1 for WiFi. Sonos is using channel 11.
Me too, this weekend. I'm using a similar setup to you. It's been randomly stopping in the past few weeks as well. I have found rebooting everything sorts it out for a bit, then it starts playing up again. It feels to me as though the problem started after the last software update.


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