Sonos keeps dropping out.

  • 19 September 2017
  • 7 replies

Sent a Diagnostic report - 7858040

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7 replies

Sonos keeps dropping out again - sent diagnostics 7910952
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Hi there, singamk:

Welcome to the Community.

Thanks for reaching out and for the diagnostic. I was able to identify an error on the PLAYBAR that an update should handle. Please check for updates on your Sonos system and test out the audio. Let me know if the issue persists after.
Thanks! Appreciate the update. Will
monitor from here and revert if it reoccurs.
I have a playbar set up with 2 Sonos ones as my L+R. The Sonos Ones are still dropping out. Diagnostic #7915050
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Thanks for the fresh diagnostic. Looks like there is some additional interference outside of the error I identified yesterday. Could you tell me a little more about your network? It seems the speakers are wirelessly connecting to a different device than what you are connecting to from your iOS device. I also see we are working with a Hitron router, Would you be able to find the model number of this router?

The PLAY:1's you have set up are not set up as surrounds but they are grouped. If you want to add them as surrounds you will need to go into the Room Settings of the Living Room and then select add surrounds. Follow the prompts and then test the audio. Afterwards, submit another diagnostic and we can verify how they are all set up.
Keith, you're right. I set up the speakers as L+R. I have now reconfigured the set up as Surround (LS+RS) and so far have not had any issues. I'll monitor for another day or 2 and if the issue persists we can troubleshoot again.
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Glad to hear it seems to be sorted, singamk. Feel free to reach back out should the problems reappear or if you have any questions.