Sonos keeps disconnecting

  • 1 September 2018
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Hi there, I’m using 2 sonos play:1’s in stereo mode in my business.

The sonos system is controlled from a samsung sonostube and sonos controller app.

Whe have a lounge and all the devices are connected to a router where as the sonos system is connected on a seperate SSID with having high priority set.

Costumers also connect to the same router but a another SSID.

We have a lot of cut outs where one sonos speaker just keeps disconnected from the other sonos speaker and just doesn’t work.
I have rebooted the system and reseted the sonos soeakers aswell.

Do you guys have any ideas? The system has decent internet speeds and good connection

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1 reply

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Hopefully you didn't do a factory reset, they are not recommended.
Factory resetting any of your Sonos products is not recommended and should not be done in an attempt to resolve an issue.

Probably the first thing to do is the next time the system acts up is submit a diagnostic and post the number here or use one of the other Sonos contact methods to give them the ID number.

If this happens for streaming music as well as your local library music what you can look at is your Network Matrix and see how your signal and noise levels are for the speakers. http://your-ip-here:1400/support/review

If it is a streaming only issue then it may be your net connection, the diagnostic should show that.

You might be having an IP issue, the odds are low but the fix is painless so it is worth a try. In your router's DHCP page assign your Sonos gear static/reserved IP addresses, power down the Sonos, reboot the router and power the Sonos gear on about a minute apart.