sonos keeps cutting out - my solution

  • 14 July 2019
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We only have a Sonos connect that was set up professionally during the construction of our house. It is hard wired as are all of our speakers. The first year it worked fabulously. Then about 8 months ago it started cutting out at random times. I spent countless hours researching and trying any fix I could find - I made sure there wasn't wireless interference based upon its channel, made sure Sonos was assigned a static IP address (AV company did that with initial set up), changed all cables etc., etc. Then I finally called in after submitting diagnostic codes, which became a 4 hour odyssey of calls, codes and troubleshooting. Finally I was told that my system would just randomly try to reboot and the ONLY solution was a new Sonos Connect. But good news, I could get a new one from Sonos with a 30% discount if I send my malfunctioning unit back to them. I asked about installing a new Sonos unit - could I do myself? - and they said "sure, no problem at all, its very simple". I was concerned because I saw all of the dire warnings of doing a factory reset on my existing unit and how risky it was (don't know the specific risks though). After I hung up with the Sonos rep, I thought about it and decided I had nothing to lose by trying a factory reset - after all music would only play 20 s - 2 min on average - a VERY frustrating experience, so we weren't currently using our Sonos much. I did the factory reset and it was SO SIMPLE. Like installing a new Sonos Connect. And guess what - no more dropping out for the past 2 days!! I don't know if it will last forever, but so far so good. Admittedly, it seems like I have a simple system set up as far as Sonos products are concerned, so it may not be so easy for others.

My theory is Sonos discourages factory reset because it actually can solve some issues. They would rather sell you a new Sonos at a discount, get your malfunctioning Sonos unit, factory reset it themselves, sell it as refurbished and make a tidy little profit on your Sonos misery.

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I'm not sure what risks from factory resetting you are thinking of, where did you see that mentioned?

In general doing a factory reset on a single Sonos isn't going to do any damage to the unit. It will erase all the information it has collected and that Sonos uses for troubleshooting. If you only have one Sonos it will also delete all your settings and lists.

I recommend not doing a factory reset in many of my posts, it just makes more work in most cases and rarely solves anything. It would be interesting to know what was cleared out of your Sonos that was causing the problem.

I would recommend a factory reset to anyone selling a Sonos device or returning one to Sonos or a store.