sonos issues, disconnecting and randomly playing

  • 17 June 2019
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hi all,

i have been really enjoying my sonos system and it has grown to fill the whole house.
i have:
1x beam
2x play:1 surround
1x sub
5x play one
1x connect

the connect has been the most recent addition and i recently bought a beast of a router (netgear nighthawk x10) to solve the problem of weak wifi from the stock router.
the stock router has its wifi turned off, and all the sonos is on the 2.4Ghz network appart from the connect which is wired.

so here are the issues:

recently music has been randomly playing. the worst being the speaker in the bedroom playing in the middle of the night at high volume. it was connected to spotify at the time as i know that has been an issue for other people. no other spotify account has been linked to the network, no kids or animals to push buttons either.

the second issue is that the connect kept disappearing from the network, i have only just wired it in and turned off the wifi to see if that helps, but it was about 50cm from the router so it shouldn't be a signal issue, but it was just as easy to run a cable anyway

the third issue is that music being played from the connect's line in just stopped. no idea why but its just gone.

lastly the desktop app seems to keep dropping connection with the sonos. i try and pause music and nothing happens etc. the laptop is about 2 meters from the router with line of sight connection.

all these issues have happened after lightning struct the router, i got a new one which is a different model with very poor wifi, then i got the netgear router and turned off the stock router's wifi to get better signal. some of the problems have also started after adding the connect. all the phones and computers seem to get a stable connection but the sonos seems to be struggling, the router is right in the middle of the house, the furthest sonos is about 6 meters away, it should be fine.

i have a diagnostic report which i created right after the connect stopped playing: 1568250454

any help would be great because the sonos has been fantastic up until now.

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